Run For The 96

So early Sunday morning and after just one training run of once around Sevvy Park it was time to head off up to Stanley Park in Liverpool and me and the eldest Elizabeth (10) were taking part in the Run For The 96 5k. The run was set up to raise some money for charities and also in memory of the 96 people who lost their lives at Hillsborough. It was the first education of my middle child Charlotte (7) who did not fully understand what “The 96” was. Part of me thought hmmmm she should really know about it but the part of me was happy that she was innocent enough not to have known. Life is full of horribleness so perhaps it is best to keep your childhood as long as you can. Anyway she now knows about the 96 and hopefully by the time my youngest Holly (3) is old enough I will be able to tell her the full tale including the end when justice was served.

So we picked up our race t-shirts and no XL left but not a problem as I have never fitted in an XL race top yet and is my last ambition in the running world to achieve and I was sporting my red Adidas tracksuit top to represent Liverpool. We bumped into an old friend at the start and I used to work with her dad and had a pre race chat. Then me and Elizabeth lined up at the start and we eventually made it to the start line as there was a good turn out for the event. Heading up towards and past Anfield first and then down towards Goodison was a fella on crutches, a woman with a baby on her front and families of all ages running. Every now and again I would spot a t-shirt on with somebody who had died at Hillsborough and it brings it all back home what happened that day and how I take it for granted I can just turn up with my daughter to run the race. So with just two stops for some slight hills Elizabeth was doing well and we were soon past the 2.3 miles we had run around Sevvy Park. but then the finish line was in sight and on a nice downhill stretch. Elizabeth kicked for home and left me trailing and she took the gold medal for the Fay family. Collecting out medals at the end I noticed Margaret Aspinall giving some out and she said thank you to Elizabeth for running. The thank you’s should be going the other way for what that woman has done.

So post race pictures and the kids were demolishing what was in my race goody bag. We spotted Carl Hunter and Steve Grimes from the Liverpool band The Farm who had finished the race after only watching them on Friday at The Casa gig. So today wasn’t about times or anything but about remembering the 96 people who went to an FA Cup semi final just like the one later today and never came home. Can you just imagine that and then the insult of being lied to and an over 20 year fight for the truth and justice. The truth is now out there and we await the justice. Sadly I can’t ever see the second coming but we will fight on.

Run for the 96 finish


Run for the 96 race




Fay x x x x x x


2 thoughts on “Run For The 96

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  1. I welled up reading this.
    Well done Elizabeth – and you of course Neil
    I hope this becomes as regular as the Race for Life; will drag the Booth clan down to Liverpool next year so we can do our bit too.

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