Otterspool Prom, unspoilt until………

So I went for a jog the other day and thought as it wasn’t too breezy I would take a stretch of Otterspool Promenade in. Now for the quick history lesson. The Prom is a grand old age of 65 this year and was constructed in the late 1940’s by landscaping a site that had been used for disposal of household waste and rubble from the Queensway Tunnel. The first stretch was from by Cressington (Garston) running along to Jericho Lane. My first memories of The Prom is from the 80’s heading down there on our BMX’s and then soon after having a den in the site of the then being constructed 1984 International garden Festival. I would have been 10 then the same age as my daughter. Imagine letting my daughter disappear all Saturday to go down to Otterspool on her bike to make and play in a den. Imagine what fun that would be for her. Sadly its watching “you tubers’ on her iPad in the safety of her house as we are led to believe its an evil world out there and wrap your kids up in cotton wool. Sad times indeed. In the distance on the picture below you can see some shelters that sadly had to be pulled down as they encouraged “Anti social” behaviour. Nowt wrong with me climbing up on them in the 80’s and I can imagine being posed as a threat as The Bogeyman could be hiding in one ready to pounce out and get you. Once the Garden Festival closed the stretch of promenade extended further down the river and eventually by the late 90’s if I recall you could get all the way to town along the front. When I was in my bike riding phase I would often ride from Garston right along the front and you would finally come out by Costco. A lovely ride when it wasn’t too busy but even on the best summers day you always seemed to be riding home into a headwind and taking the risk of being chased by a random dog so tended to swerve the front on busy summers days but it was always lovely to walk along.


Otterspool Prom opening


So onto the present day and now in a jogging phase (Cant wait for my sit down and do nothing phase thought I will most probably turn into Giant Haystacks if I wasn’t in a “phase”) So again as a jogger you have to be aware of bikes and dogs both in front of you and behind but as I jogged from the Garston end towards Aigburth I could see something blocking the promenade. I thought this must be a tough run if I am hallucinating. The image was of something blocking half of the Promenade. No surely not. 65 years of an unbroken Prom. One of the best stretches of Liverpool. As I got near my fears were compounded as it was something deffo blocking half of the Prom. Then it dawned on me half of the Prom was blocked off by a new installation of City Bikes. Now these City Bikes are a great idea and doing well. But who (I assume some pen pusher in an office) decided to bang a load of them sprawling across half of The Prom especially as there is acres of space spare just to the side of The Prom. So the unspoiled Prom (Pic Below) now has massive obstacle across half of it. I feel a bit Victor Meldrew moaning about this but it reminds me of those daft 10 foot cycle lanes you see in the papers now and again or ones that run into a dead end. It also has the potential to cause an accident and in the blame culture we live in one of the city’s claim specialists will be all over giving a free iPad out to take your claim. I hope somebody sees common sense and just relocates the City Bikes on the side where the grass is and once again The Prom is restored to it’s full unbroken glory. Just as it was designed back in the late 40’s and at a time when city planners got so much wrong the design and construction of The Prom was a bit of genius. Banging a load of cycles across half of it isn’t !


Otterspool Prom being built


Liverpool City Bikes block The Prom

Liverpool City Bikes Otterspool



Fay x x x x x x


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