Limited edition sausage rolls, a certain watch and 1/2 Marathon

So Saturday afternoon and a trip to M&S food to stock up on some post half marathon munchies for after Sunday’s race, more of that later. On entering the store I could see a ray of light to the far left. Thats strange I thought but even stranger was that it was pulling me towards it like something was meant to happen. In a trance like state I made it to the refrigerator and there it was staring me right in the face, limited edition sausage rolls. Not no ordinary sausage rolls but limited edition black pudding and pork sausage rolls. Made in Yorkshire with crisps all butter puff pasty, black pudding and pork shoulder topped with oats and black onion seeds. For those of you who don’t know me I am a very fussy eater. For those of you who do know me and my love of sausage rolls you will know that trying these is a bit “out there” for me. First up I haven’t a clue what black onion seeds are ! Can you get white onion seeds ? Do they actually have anything to do with onions ? I do like cheese and onion crisps thats about it oh and pickled onion monster munch. But lets not let a few random seeds get in the way of sausage roll utopia. Anyway always good to have a few seeds to see how long they take to come out of the other end. Anyway the review is as follows. The delicious crumbly buttery taste was soon replaced by the soft texture of the pork and an after hint of black pudding. In other words they were fucking tasty. Gonna have to grab some more as I would love to come home after 10 pints and demolish a pack of these the taste then would be of orgasmic proportions. I can only sum up with the highest honour for these sausage rolls in declaring that no Sir Thomas of Ketchup was needed. Why spoil the taste of what was nearly the perfect sausage roll. I can’t say perfect because then the hunt would be over. As you might guess these are scoffed for tea on Saturday and made it nowhere near the post half marathon munchies.

Pork and black pudding sozzy rolls !


So going back to Monday and it was like chrimbo day in the Fay household. Well for me anyway and the long awaited delivery of my Apple Watch. Now when the watch was announced I couldn’t quite see the point of one. After trying one on and being seduced by an Apple salesman in Cambridge back in April it had me and I ordered one with a wait until the end of June. Thankfully this moved forward and on Monday the watch came. Let me say now there is no valid point to an Apple watch. Why did you get one then ? Well I am a well known Apple slag and also a gadget freak after being scarred for life when my mum and dad only bought me a 16k ZX Spectrum whilst a few of my mates had the all singing and all dancing 48k version. I think from that christmas day I must have vowed never to be left behind in the race or technology ever again and Apple won me over when I bought a second generation iPod. So the watch is basically an extension of your phone. So for the quick things you can now be a lazy bastard and now not have to get your phone out of your pocket or reach over to a table you have put it on. It is however the science fiction of when I was a child talking into something on your wrist to communicate even if I did feel a bit strange talking to my hand in Sports Direct to see what my eldest needed for a visit to PGL ! It has a nifty fitness app on and with the help of Siri you can tweet and reply to texts all from your wrist. The maps feature is handy to place at on a wrist even if that could be dodgy when driving but never fear the watch can tap you once or twice to tell you to turn left or right !! Many of the apps on your phone appear on the watch. Breaking news on your wrist !! So with buying this watch it effectively makes my Tissot and my late dads Gucci watch redundant ? Will I become so reliable on the Apple watch that I can’t bring myself to take it off and put a dress watch on, not that I dress up much, well only when Mrs Fay tells me to bang my fireman outfit on and then put the BBQ out after quickly realising it wasn’t quite the fireman she was expecting ! So the Apple watch is a techno geeks idea of a black pudding and pork sausage roll. To many people it will be why when you can go to Sayers ?

And finally today was the Liverpool Rock’n’Roll half marathon. This was my 4th half marathon. I decided in early April I didn’t have the heart to try a full one this time around and indeed had not done as many long runs as previous half marathon training. Anyway after arriving like a world class athlete on the 82 bus it was a quick change in the Echo Arena and then to the start line. I started off at whatever pace happened and as can happen I started off very fast. Soon to slow down with some hills around the three mile stage. All seemed ok with peaks and troughs as many world class 17 stone athletes go through and then the turn onto the prom for the last 5 miles (ish) and a slight wind into your face ughhhhhh. That prom stretch is soul destroying. Very few people cheering you on when you need it most, boring with nothing of note to look at and almost always into a fucking headwind. I swear I am not doing anymore Liverpool races along there. My fitness regime is going on tour from now on. With the boost of people along the front by the arena I raised myself to sprint home and got a time of 2:01:36 which was 3 mins outside my PB from March though I put that down to a headwind and also the drag of my now rather long beard !! Not one but two medals to add to the collection as I got an “encore” medal as I done the full marathon last year. Time for a pint after the race to watch some of the gig and a quick bevy in town it’s always a good feeling when you complete a race. I have entered the London Marathon ballot so fingers crossed. But for now its jarg Aldi cider and the rest of my M&S munchies bought on Saturday. Oh how I wish I had saved those black pudding beauties for now.

Liverpool R'nR Half marathon



Fay x x x x x x


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