My WWE trial and Glastonbury Eve

So the big day had a arrived and the real reason behind the epic beard growth was not Glastonbury but I had a trial for WWE wrestling and the beard was all part of the act. Sadly I did not pass the test failing to execute a perfect suplex and also unable to touch my toes ! The best I could come up with was my all in one union jack leotard with protruding belly and a chant of “Easy, Easy” but the interview board were not impressed and has seen it somewhere before ? So I might as well keep it for Glastonbury and head up to the craft and healing fields one day to put some beads in it and then shave it off on my return. I had been practising my wrestling poses very hard as shown in the picture below on the way back from Africa Oye. Speaking of which me and Charlotte popped down to Sefton Park on The Saturday tea time as the sun was out. We did walk up with the dog Benny The Morkie but he just sat down at the very edge and refused to move any more. Fancy having a dog that doesn’t like festivals !! On our return me and Charlotte went on the fair, listened to some music and grabbed a sausage and chips, oh and a cider for myself. We won an inflatable ball on the hook a duck and Charlotte wanted to play with it so we had a kick around on the outskirts of the festival. It was at this point the beach ball sized inflatable ball and me fell out. I say fell out I done a comedy stumble right over on my arse (Thankfully no daft injury pre-Glastonbury) but it was right in front of two lovestruck teenage couples who were doing their best not to laugh. I just looked at them and said don’t mind me I am just gonna sit here a bit to not make myself look like a complete knobhead to which they laughed. Laughing at the old falling over eh, the youth of today, shower of bastards. We headed on down on Sunday with the family for fathers day and has a great day down there with a picnic and a few beers. It’s a cracking free festival and well worth a visit next year.

WWE Neil Fay

So here were are christmas eve   Glastonbury Eve and I am all packed with just the cool bag stuffed with tins of Desperados to sort out in the morning. Just remembered I hadn’t packed a bog roll (That could of got interesting) As ever I will be posting a blog daily from Worthy Farm complete with traditional toilet updates. So get ready for a week go nothing but Glastonbury stories. I leave at 10am on the coach this time. My handcrafted top hat is already on site brought down kindly by somebody who is working there. Hope to be on site myself about 4pm. Quick tent set up and then out on the pop for a mad first night. Looks like we will see some rain but no mud bath. The traditional Tyskie flag has been taken down from my boys room/office and will flying proudly over our tents by tomorrow evening. My niece and nephew age 16 are going for the first time. Oh how they are gonna see a different side of uncle knobhead ha ha. Well thats that having a beer to get me in the mood and listening to the chemical brothers. Next blog Thursday morning and I leave you with a pic of the sun setting on last years Sunday before Massive Attack played. I love Glastonbury and can’t wait to get there, sorry kids (And wife for 2 days)

Other Stage Glastonbury sunset 2014


Fay x x x x x x


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