Glastonbury 2015 Saturday.  

So it was safe to say that after the pace of Friday the Saturday is the calm before the last push. We ended up leaving base camp that late that breakfast was skipped and replaced by a sausage roll later on. With the sun back out conditions under feet were much better and it was back to putting on my Adidas Trabs. We slowly ambled around the site having a few cans before finding a nice pub and a seat outside in the shade with The Waterboys playing in the distance and I shared a few ciders with my 16 year old nephew. We then popped around to the John Peel tent to see The Sleaford Mods but sadly Alan has his own time zone and we missed them ! We took the chance to chill and recharge with one of the lads having a snooze to catch up on coming in at 6:30am as he couldn’t find the tent instead deciding to crash under somebody’s gazebo.

We headed back to base camp to put on that evenings make up and to pick up my top hat !! It was then up to West Holts armed with numerous cans to watch Todd Terje and his band perform and the dancing shoes were on again and away we go on another Glastonbury journey. A compete change of mood next and Dr John Cooper Clarke though after a dance though to a sit down poetry session it was too much after a bit and I popped around for a bit of The Mothership returns and some funk and a boogie.

We got a good speck for the last planned set of the night and Public Service Broadcasting. They did not disappoint and their samples and visualls struck the right chord and away I went for over an hour with the track “The Other Side” particularly an emotional moment as they reappear from the dark side of the moon with the whole tent in one cheering.

So there was a rumoured secret set by Django Django but I could not face the hike up the hill to the crows nest and headed to bed via the shop for my traditional salt and vinegar crisps and a Twix ! With it raining again this morning I decided for a compost poo and their traps have a roof on. Bad enough slumming it for a shit never mind getting rained on and not knowing if your wiping away rain or piss from the toilet seat 

So the final effort. I will post Sunday’s tales on Monday night. Come on Glastonbury bring on some Sunday Chemicals. That’s the Chemical Brothers before you ask !!!!


Fay x x x x x x  



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