Happy 6th birthday blog and RIP beard.

So Friday the 3rd of July was a busy day in the Fay household. First up the 6th birthday of this blog. Who would have thought I could spout such shite and still be going. As is now tradition the blog gets a new look and an extra kiss is added to my sign off to indicate me going into the 7th year. I hope I still raise as many laughs as in previous years and don’t go off on one too much, though with a Tory emergency budget next week that might be too much to ask. Amazing how much has changed in the 6 years I have been blogging. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, two general elections and a house move. iPad’s, Apple watches but still the same old iMac which will be 8 this year and time for a new one if I can sell one of my kids to Madonna. So here is to 6 more years of bollocks.

Friday the 3rd of July was also our dog Benny The Morkie’s birthday. Or to give him his full title Benny Madeena Fay. Or no doubt as he often thinks his name is “little shit” He’s been a handful but is finally calming down a bit. Growing up you don’t know how hard it is raising a dog as your mum and dad do all the bad bits and you get all the good bits. Benny is still as mad and we have a few things to iron out of him but he is now part of the family and I have become one of those dickheads who posts pictures of animals on Facebook and Instagram the very thing when starting this blog I despised. That is a Russell Brand sized turnaround of don’t vote to vote proportions. Anyway the dog got a card of us !! and some presents. I was feeling in a good mood and signed it to Benny not to little shit.

More 3rd of July fun and it was my eldest’s Elizabeth’s class leaving party at Mossley Hill Athletic club. Now when I left Sudley Juniors back in the 1980’s we just walked out of the door and said see you later mate and if we were lucky anybody who went to a different senior school we might meet again playing sports for our respective schools. Full on party for the brats of 2015 and so much easier to keep in contact with modern technology. Anyway well done to all the parents who sorted the party out the kids (and me) had a great time (Picture below) All these memories captured and there forever unlike my appearance in the Sudley Juniors school play of around 1984 when I crossed dressed and played The Duchess in Alice in Wonderland and even sang a solo ! I know there will be some grainy footage of that show out there somewhere that will be finally discovered in somebody loft one day and I will be publicly outed on Facebook. On the plus side when I go down to Bargain Booze in Aigburth Vale I can bang a dress on and walk tall.

Class 6G leavers Sudley Juniors 2015

Saturday involved going out for a few drinks with the lads which ended up as falling in about 2am after landing in the Cavern. Town was full of wanna be beard bastards but sadly  my beard bit the dust on Monday as (A) it was just wild and (B) I just didn’t know what was living in there after 5 days at Glastonbury. But all these wanna be hipsters trying to do some growth and the right twats with a bunch on their heads ! I feel old out in town now on a Saturday night but can still show the kids how it’s done as we ended up in The Cavern playing see how many tourists you can get in a selfie. My mate Ian was the winner with 5 Japanese tourists in his selfie ! See take that kids, us 40 year olds know how to party. I am currently stuck between da yoof and the pensioners. Da yoof have all these trendy bars to go to and the pensions have their mad Sunday and also old mans pubs to go to. Ahh well by the blogs 25th birthday I will be sat in The Midland with my flat cap on.

And finally a fuzzy Sunday morning was spent on Sefton Park clocking loads of sweaty women in pink lycra I mean supporting Mrs Fay running the Race For Life. A great cause but always a bittersweet day as my eldest daughter started with for Nana and Gaga on her back reminding me that my mum only got to hold my eldest in her arms and again having a tear in my eye, the first time since Lionel Richie sang “Hello” last Sunday. Though once again in my defence that was a man eating a sausage with a lot of onions on near me !

Race For Life Sefton Park 2015


So thats yer lot. I will hopefully get around to a final Glastonbury blog. Thanks to all those who have read this over the last 6 years and thanks for all the positive comments regarding the blog even if my spelling is worse then my 10 year old daughter !


Fay x x x x x x x


3 thoughts on “Happy 6th birthday blog and RIP beard.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have had some good feedback on my ramblings over the years and somebody also suggested I should write a book. Wouldn’t know where to start writing a book though !!

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