Is maths or english more important ? and the I M Marsh

So Friday evening and the 2nd week on the run I am out in town at the weekend and even stranger that the second week on the run I end up in concert square. Straight away the philosopher in me asks why Neil just why ? The answer is I don’t know. If a tree falls in Concert Square and nobody is there does it make a noise ? There certainly is one noise there at weekends mostly from the gangs of stag an hen parties there. A sea of women dressed up as fairies and men with shite t-shits with even worse names on the back like “Derek The Dildo” In my defence we did only have one bevy there but the evening started in The Railway on Tithebarn street which much to my astonishment had a free BBQ. No tea from Pizza Park in Garston next week kids it’s Daddy having a pint outside The Railway as he sneaks you all some scran. As I weaved up through town to end up on Slater Street the night was getting old and the drunken debate of the evening was which is more important maths or English. Me well I am a maths fan as you might tell by some of the spelling on this here blog. My main argument being that if I want a 10 meter squared bit of Karpet I will get what I want. 8 meter squared of carpet spelt right is no good to me. This opened up a bit of a debate on Facebook with the majority going for English. I have yet to see or hear an argument that puts English ahead of maths. Feel free to post one in the comments section if you have one and can sway me away from being a Rachel Riley and turn me into a Susie Dent. Moving on from this conundrum the next of the worlds biggest question was one of life’s biggest questions “Tits” or “Arse” I have yet to post this mind boggling question on Facebook yet. For the record it is “Tits” for me. So that makes my dream woman a large breasted mathematician. So Mrs Fay what is the square root of 153 ?

Sticking on the theme of education my eldest gets her SATS results next week. Now they mean nothing for me and not much for her future. I will ask what they mean to her. The strange person that lurks within me want to just get the sealed envelope that they come in and rip them up and bang them in the bin then turn to my daughter and say well done what would you like of Amazon as a reward for your hard work. Have I turned into some loony hippy ? Would that send out the wrong message to her ? She is 10. She has many years coming up when exam results will possibly define the rest of her life (And leave her in great debt) she needs to be like me and be hanging around up the IM Marsh and in a few years be getting onto The Thunderbirds and discovering the opposite sex. Errrrrrr hang on a minute she spent some of Friday night and Saturday afternoon keeping up the Fay tradition of hanging around on the IM Marsh. Does that mean she’s gonna be on the ale in a few years ? Oh god what is happening to my baby ? One thing she won’t have is the joy of bunking on the shale tennis courts below when Wimbledon is on and attacking the students living in the old high rise flats. I am assuming as well that she won’t make it onto every roof of the campus either like I did and when I were a lad there was even a small false ski slope on site that we used to ride road signs down now long gone. I am hoping that the kids of today just go up the IM Marsh and sit off and just play on their iPhones and behave. Somehow I don’t think that happens so it could be a best case scenario of “What goes on in the IM Marsh stays in the IM Marsh” it worked for me !


IM Marsh old flats


So England are one nil up in the Ashes. I love beating the Aussies at cricket. It is up there with Liverpool beating Everton at Footy, England beating Germany at footy and me beating my long time friend John Wignell at anything ! In other sports news Raheem Sterling has gone for £49,000,000 which must make my worth about £1.36 despite being nearly 42 I can count on my experience and also being quite fit despite carrying a beer belly. Well we have booked a family holiday so yet another fitness and weight regime starts today. It is the law that all diets start on a Monday so I spent Sunday consuming as many calories as I could !! Just ran once around Sefton Park in a time of 19:55 which is the fastest I have done it since I was in my teens. Just over 4 weeks until I go away to Cyprus and I will get into those Speedo’s


Fay x x x x x x x


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