I am officially Victor Meldrew oh and a member of the Labour party.

So the other Sunday it was brought to my attention an interview by Ms Emma Barnett on her show “Five Live Hitlist” never have I heard such shite on Radio Five. Anyway over the years I have been slowly morphing into my late dad and was only a few things away from being a fully fledged Victor Meldrew. I am already saying “Turn the lights of its like Blackpool illuminations on here” “Turn that music down” and “Stop banging the doors” a few phrases I can associate with my auld man. I missed a trick at Glastonbury as I could have gone to watch Kanye Kenny West and said “This is rap with a capital C !! ” Back to Radio five the biased voice of the left / the mouthpiece of right wing Tory Britain (Delete as appropriate) Such was my moral outrage that I decided to send in a complaint to the BBC, oh how I laughed at the bastards who moaned about Russell Brand and “Sachsgate” all those years ago. Here I was nearly a fully formed Meldrew joining the same boat as the moaning masses.

Below is my complaint


Complaint Summary: Very poor tone of question

Full Complaint: The question “enough of the nice stuff you and Jeremy broke up” was asked to Jeremy Corbyn’s ex wife. What kind of gutter question is this ? By the tone of questions asked by Emma Barnett she was just after dirt/gossip on Mr Corbyn. The ex wife did not play ball with the line of questioning which was of a very poor standard. To think this is meant to be a light hearted look at the big stories of the week which ended up as an unsuccessful attack from a dubious angle on Mr Corbyn. Ms Barnett even stated “you talk about his obsessiveness” which she was then corrected about and obsessiveness was never mentioned in the short interview. “Are you still friendly with him” was the last question. Again just digging for dirt. The worst thing I have ever heard on five live and most my first and hopefully my only complaint I will have to send in about the station.


So as you can see Barnett wanted his ex wife to say something along the lines of “Jeremy was a cunt, he was shit in bed , he has serious body odour and his loony left ideologies will be disastrous for this country at a time of the great Conservative renaissance” So what would I get back from the BBC. I wasn’t expecting much

Dear Mr Fay

Thank you for your comments about the 5 live Hit List.

I understand you’re unhappy with the interview of Jeremy Corbyn’s ex wife.

While we appreciate your unhappiness at the line of Emma’s questioning to Jane Chapman, this interview was intended to gain some insight to Jeremy Corbyn’s personality as a potential Labour Leader.

While some of the questions were probing, they were not designed as an attack on his character and we’re sorry that you felt this was the case.

However your comments about the overall tone of the interview have been fed back to the production team, and we accept your point about “obsessiveness” being a mis-quote of the guest which was quickly corrected.

We hope you will continue to listen to 5 live in the future.

I hope this response has eased your concerns and it should be noted your feedback is very important to us. As such I have placed your concerns on an overnight report which is a document that is made available to senior staff, programme editors and news teams across the BBC.

Audience feedback helps to guide us and allows us to find congruence between our output and audience expectations. It also means your comments can be seen quickly and can be consulted in future broadcasting and policy decisions.

Thanks once again for getting in touch.

Kind regards

Sean Lonergan

Right get rid of that license fee, its all bollocks. It’s just mouthpiece of the Tory Government. Hang on a minute. I love the BBC. I listen to several of their podcasts and to five live. I am always on the BBC web site. I love to have a bevy and shout at the TV when Question Time is on (Though why won’t you let me be in the audience, running scared ??) I even watch some of their TV output and nobody does a sports montage better than the BBC. So whilst I have no problems with “probing” questions was this just a case of Barnett being out of order or just the general media “angle” being created towards Jeremy Corbyn. Well one thing is for sure I was just one more task away from becoming a fully fledged old moaning get and earning my Meldrew stripes. I needed to join a political party.

As if by magic a party membership form appeared all be it an online one. It was time to join the Labour party. My late dad would be spinning in his grave, well in his urn which is located in my sisters garden next to my nan and mum !! Must cheer my “brother in law” up no ends every time he has a bevy in the garden he knows there is a collection of Fay/Roper’s just over there. The thing is “pops” I have joined the Labour party not just to join “Tory lite” as you described it but as the last chance we might have to salvage the Labour Party as we knew it. Yes it will split the party down the middle. It will most probably consign us to another Tory government under Gideon. But it is the only hope we have. The short term pain might be worth the long term gain (Rap with a capital C there) There is an under current gathering being Corbyn despite what seems like everybody else putting up the barricades against him. The youth of today have no hope, a lost generation awaits. Its lost no matter who is in charge Tory or New Labour it matters not. With politics becoming more fragmented with the rise of UKIP and other parties maybe there is a chance and the voice of many might get to be heard. If it all fucks up and the tories dominate at least we went down fighting and fighting the right way. My late dad had me delivering election leaflets around the streets of Aigburth in the early 1980’s. Who knows I might have my kids doing it during the late 2010’s. My shiny new membership card has come and I thought it was only right to place it under my late dads spitting image puppet of Margaret Hilda Thatcher which is now proudly on my office wall. It was in my dads toilet, I can only imagine so that every time he had a dump he could smile that she was no longer in power. As you can see time hasn’t been kind to Maggie and she is rotting away, a bit like the real Thatcher now though the puppet rots away in my office and not in hell like the late Baroness.


Margaret Thatcher Spitting image puppet and Labour membership card


So no mention of Ted Heath or ‘Our Cilla” well there is only so much Meldrew inside me at the moment having now graduated from The Victor Meldrew university at the age of nearly 42.

Peace and Love comrades ;0)

Fay x x x x x x x


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