Im your man for #LFC

Well after an early start on the pop at 1.30 for the derby match I had retired to my boys room to play on the xbox one when I got a random text just saying Rodgers. No way I thought. I raced into the living room to bang sky sports news on and there it was he had been sacked. Now I could go on for the next 1000 words about how I think he should have been given more time and gone into in depth statistical analysis. But I am already a bit bored of the post Rodgers era. So instead I will move forward and look at the next Liverpool manager. Way back in season 2000/2001 a new manager burst onto the scene. He would go onto win 10 titles on the run in his country and also pick up a few european and domestic cups along the way. He brought a young Neil Mellor into his squad who turned out to be an amazing goalscorer in a front three with Pablo Aimar and John Carew. This of course was me on Championship Manager 2000/2001. I played that game for hours whilst living at my nans. So much that Arsene Wenger was 99 years old in the game and even got one of the hidden jokes in the game when one of my players was injured as he had split a bollock ! That must have been a secret reward for me playing the game so much. I had first cut my managerial teeth in the mid and late 80’s with ZX Spectrum Games “Football Manager” and “The Boss” again creating championship winning teams. So my pedigree as a top manager has been proven and I await the call from FSG. I might even dust the old boots off but not as somebody thought on Twitter as a number 7. Them days are long gone. I am now an ageing overweight centre half though still show flashes of genius and skill in the school gym at Calderstones school on a Wednesday night whilst turning a deeper shade of red every 10 minutes that pass !

Championship Manager 2000-2001_PCBOX-uk

There have already been many Rodgers gags doing the rounds on social media. It seems a long time ago since the old three envelopes trick which I myself done when taking over Liverpool on Championship Manager 2000/2001. For the record the three names were Erik Meijer, Titi Camera and Bernard Diomede.  So in an ironic twist despite be backing Rodgers when the fixtures came out and those away games were sacked at they were in the early start to the season I had £20 on Rodgers not to be Liverpool manager come Jan 1st. So that’s £64 back almost covering my Glastonbury deposit as we secured tickets today for what will be my 6th trip down to the farm. Every cloud has a silver lining eh. So at the forums at Red and White Kop go into meltdown it’s time to chill and remember it is only footy. Sky Sports news will move onto their next victim (manager) and start cranking the pressure up until another one bites the dust. Twitter and Facebook will be full of it over the next few days as the saga drags on and all the bastards who were booing after the match will be posting good luck and best wishes to Brendan whilst putting their axes down to type. As for Brendan well its a tough gig losing your job and walking away with a few million in the bank.


Brendan Rodgers envelopes


Modern footy eh it really is a bag of shite and makes me wonder if I will ever go to a game again ? It’s not the game it used to be, we are not the club we used to be and in the words of the Fine Young Cannibals single “I am not the man I used to be”


Fay x x x x x x x


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