Dear Jim can you fix it for me to meet @thechristians

Dear Jim can you fix it for me to meet one of my favourite bands The Christians might have wrote a 13 year old me back in 1987. Thankfully I didn’t thus escaping the clutches of Mr Savile but not meeting the band who’s posters were now on my wall after all my Frankie Goes To Hollywood ones had been replaced. Such a fickle art gallery is a young teenagers bedroom wall. Anyway fast forward 28 years and my Jim’ll fix it moment might arrive and with the added bonus of no Jim. A quick glance on Facebook and one of Liverpool’s finest bands were after somebody to play their new album on vinyl as they did not own a record player. The new album by The Christians called “We” was released a few weeks back and very good it is to. I got a download copy as I had pledged to buy the vinyl once it was released. So I replied and said that I had a record player and was local in Aigburth. As I was first in locally and the lead singer Garry arranged to come around to ours. Fuck me Jim has fixed it ! Quick clean the house from top to bottom and give it a lick of paint some scouse musical royalty is coming around. So the nerves set in then. I had stood next to Garry in the chippy on Allerton Road when I was sneaking out of school at lunch time and said nowt. I have had chances at several gigs to introduce myself but have never done so and now he was coming into my office AKA The Wingate Arms. Mrs Fay tried desperately to hang on to see this bit of scouse musical royalty come to ours but had to go out in the end and just a moment later there was a knock at the door. Not only was it Garry but two of the band with him as well Joey and Neil. I assume Garry wanted some back up going into the strange house of some superfan nerd of near 30 years. Lets face it there are some weirdo’s about.

So it was quite cosy in The Wingate Arms as I took lunch at work. Garry noticed my “The Christians” album canvas I had done when I set up my “boys” room and I bet he was thinking that the back up of the band was a good idea. Anyways the white label was out and we listened to a few tracks and all sounded good and I had a quick chat with the lads. Kindly Garry left me a test pressing of the vinyl album and they all signed it and I had to take a picture of The Christians in The Wingate Arms (See below) As quick as they had come in they left happy with what they had heard. 5 mins later and there was another knock at the door. Ahh they need the white label back they were unsure if they could give out or not. Luckily enough Joey had just left his bag in the kitchen. I promptly listened to the album in work and it was all OK and in correct order etc so I let Garry know via Facebook like the superfan must !! The rest of the afternoon in work flew as I listened to the rest of my Christians Vinyl. Perhaps I could of dragged my daughters guitars down from upstairs and I could have bootlegged an album “Live in the Wingate Arms” by The Christians. I don’t think I will ever have a lunch break in work like that again in my lifetime. Just waiting for my Jim’ll fix it badge now but on second thoughts I will swerve that.

The Christians in the Wingate Arms

Funny how things work out. Back in 1987 I would never had envisaged The Christians coming around to my house. Or meeting Henry Priestman for a pint in The Fullwood Arms and not to mention blagging in by mistake to a Deacon Blue after party in Kings Cross after a gig and getting free ale and meeting the band. This makes me sound like some kind of Avid Merrion stalker but those of you who know me know how reserved I can be at times. I was once in a lift with John Barnes and said nothing to him and it was only because I was bevvied at a sportsmans dinner I had the courage to get a picture with Jan Molby. Anyway just off to list this exclusive signed test pressing of “We” by The Christians on E-Bay. As if I would it goes in pride of position in my vinyl collection. Do listen to the new album and catch the band who are sounding as good as ever.

"We" The Christians Test Pressing


Fay x x x x x x x



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