Nasher and A Ray Of Charles.

So Friday night and an attempt to make two gigs in one night. On knocking for my mate at 5.45 he answered the door in his shorts as he was cooking tea for the family. Now retired he is seemingly losing his marbles and unable to read 24 hour clock times in text messages. Anyway we had time to spare as I was gonna splash out and go mad and get a Saveaway but a train only ticket was the better option. So we headed over to the other side of the water and to New Brighton for a gig at The Floral Pavilion where we met my other mate. Sadly there were a lot more people for a Billy Fury play than to see our first artist Nasher. Now for those of you who don’t know Nasher is Brian Nash who was guitarist in the short lived mega group of the 1980’s Frankie Goes To Hollywood and co writer of all the big hits we all know. I had managed to get us tickets on the front table and sadly the turnout wasn’t great for the gig. I am sure a Liverpool gig would have had a better turnout as New Brighton is a pain in the arse place to get to and back from after a gig. Not like your gonna spend the rest of the night after the gig in New Brighton is it ? So Nasher came on stage armed with a guitar and effects. First up was a Frankie Song “Maximum Joy” which he was playing for the first time and the hypnotic backing track with great guitar and vocal had me at that point. Post Frankie Nasher has released three albums “Ripe” “Le Grand Fromage” and “A Lo Minimo” and the rest of the first part was songs from these albums and some new ones. Nasher held the stage well and was conformable having a ramble in between songs which is something I like and I don’t even mind the odd rant and he was trying his best to keep the profanities down as there were a few kids in the crowd but that didn’t last too fucking long. It was time for a break and a chance to restock on the Desperados. The second part was more of the same with some interesting and very poignant descriptions and tales of the songs being played. The second Frankie track of the night was “The Power Of Love” which was ended in Tom Jones style as some red underwear was thrown Nashers way (No it wasn’t me) Proudly hung up on his microphone a song with a serious back story was played with the aforementioned red panties on full view. Keen not to finish the gig on such a serious note it was time for a cover of “Tainted Love” and that was that finished nice and handy. I bought some “Merch” the latest CD “A Lo Minimo” which has the cracking track “May your god go with you” and the even more stunning opening line “I’m sick of news of Arabs and Jews kicking off” We grabbed Brian to say a quick thank you after the gig though resisted any new trend to get a photograph and stalk him as having The Christians in my house on Friday is the peak of super fan stalking (Blog on this here) So below are a few pictures from the gig. I was kindly given permission from Colin Armstrong Photography to use a few pictures. Please do check Nasher out on and Babylonpink on Facebook and Twitter and hopefully that 4th album will be with us as soon as Nasher gets his arse into gear.

Nasher live at New Brighton Floral Pavilion

Nasher liver at New Brighton Floral Pavilion

So as mentioned the Nasher gig had finished handy about 10pm so it was an Anneka Rice style Treasure Hunt race back over to Liverpool to try and catch out second gig of the night and the second part of the set by A Ray Of Charles. This time it was at Constellations in the Baltic triangle are of Liverpool. An area I love to have a drink in if you can get past the beards. Yes I know I had a beard last year but it was an ironic Grizzly Adams beard to mock all these hipsters with beards and putting “Product” in them. The only product in my beard were flakes of sausage rolls and crumbs of Penguin biscuits. So a Ray Of Charles is a band fronted by Russell Christian from another scouse band The Christians and a tribute to Ray Charles. Now this wasn’t a gig of their own but they were more an act on for a night being held in Constellations. So we entered Constellations and it looked more like a warehouse rave than a Ray Charles tribute gig. How were the crowd going to change from the deep beats of house music to sax and piano of ray Charles. Don’t fear once the band were on even more people were dancing. I think the Ray Charles bit was scaled back for more generic Motown/Soul hits etc but would have to see the band again to confirm this ? E.G songs you could have a good old sing and dance to and did the crowd dance and sing. With a couple of encores that was that and I will deffo be looking to see A Ray Of Charles again and hopefully in a venue dedicated to music for a better sound and also this venue had gone a bit mad on the fog machine and not so much the lights so we had to go right up the front to be able to see the band (just) Russell was vocally great and a mean keyboard player. Straight after the band a Frankie Knuckles classic “Your Love” was played and the mini warehouse rave started. That was the peak dance music wise we headed towards the giant courtyard and into the mild November air for one last Desperados and then a cab home.

Constellations Liverpool

So we did the two gigs in one night. Funny to think that both artists were part of great Liverpool bands who have sold millions of records yet years later they are playing to much smaller crowds. Funny thing the music business though I am sure both artists are thoroughly enjoying themselves with what they are doing now.


Fay x x x x x x x


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