I’m in a music video and marathon pain but it will be worth it.

Happy new year and all that bollocks ! Just a short blog and an update on things.

So for those who might not know one of my fave bands are Liverpool’s very own The Christians who coincidently popped around to my house last year (Blog here   Dear Jim Can You Fix It For Me To Meet The Christians)  Anyway not content with being number one stalker and not kidnaping them on their visit to my abode they have just released a second single and video called “Mother” from their latest album “We” (Do check it out) The song was written by lead singer Garry after the death of his mother. On Facebook the band asked for pictures of late mothers to use in a video for a single. So fast forward a couple of months and the video was released and at 1:37 there is a cheeky young me and my late mum in the video. It was quite emotional watching it for the first time. My mum took me twice to the Liverpool Empire to see the band back in around 1990 and 1992. Just a damn shame she never got to see herself in a Christians video. I wonder what she would have made of that  ? Anyway the video is below for you to watch and who would have thought as a 13 year old buying the bands first single in 1987 I would end up in a video. its a funny old world !

So with the new year comes the annual fitness kick and no booze attempt. Well the no booze lasted about 9 days when I decided to limit myself to one session a week. So I’m my madness I have decided to do a marathon again on 10th April The Greater Manchester Marathon. So the scales of injustice weighed in at 18 stone 3 in the new year and the hard task of losing weight and training starts. Now I had been running towards the end of 2015 so imagine what the scales of in justice would have said if it wasn’t for that !! The aim of this years marathon is to break that 5 hours barrier. Last time it was around 5 hours 10  (Blog Here  Emotional Liverpool RNR Marathon Review )  I was not going to chase people for money after last time raising £638.96 for Christies cancer hospital a cause close to my heart and a place that gave my mum some unexpected extra years. But whilst out nailing 6 miles tonight I thought fuck it I will set up a page and not harass people too much and if I can raise £300 then that will go to a good cause. What cause could I run for ? I remembered a lad I knew as a kid and have played footy with since a few times and so I have decided to raise money this time for Down Syndrome Liverpool as his daughter has down syndrome (Website here) DSL aims to support parents, carers and families who are affected by Down’s syndrome and seeks to enhance the lives of people with the condition who live in the City of Liverpool and surrounding area. So if you want to help me on those long 20 mile training runs and also keep away from the sausage rolls any donations will inspire me. There is a link at the bottom of this blog if you wish to donate.

So a 10k race on Sunday in Liverpool as part of my training and next weekend its an attempt at a half marathon training run. Half way there but thats the easy half !! With some dedication, perseverance, hard work and a few donations I will nail this sub five hour marathon and raise a few bob on the way. Then enjoy banging all the weight back on !!!!!

Down Syndrome Liverpool



Fay x x x x x x x

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