Flashback to QVC 1994

So on Saturday night after a few beers and the boxing had finished I thought what can I watch on TV. With nothing I fancied on my Sky Plus and nothing seemingly on the hundreds of channels on my Sky Box I had a flashback to 1994. I was sitting in my nans (now ours) […]

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Goodbye Cream, Cruyff and Calf

Three goodbyes in this blog and the first goodbye is to Cream in Liverpool. A club where I spent many a hazy nights in the mid nineties. Long since threatened with demolition the process has started as my mate sent me a few sad pictures of what it looked like the other day. I wonder […]

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The Great Euro conundrum

Europe eh. My first experience of Europe was a holiday to Ostend in the late 70’s but I was too young to remember anything. There are pictures of me by a plane. My dad must have done a bank job that year because the first holidays I can remember were in a caravan in Cockerham Sands […]

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