Goodbye Cream, Cruyff and Calf

Three goodbyes in this blog and the first goodbye is to Cream in Liverpool. A club where I spent many a hazy nights in the mid nineties. Long since threatened with demolition the process has started as my mate sent me a few sad pictures of what it looked like the other day. I wonder if they found his “Gary Ablett” he dropped on the floor in 1995 ? So many great memories from that club. I can never forget that when we all fell out the club at 6am after one of its early all nighters (Might have been Bugged Out) it had only gone and snowed and thus ensued a “loved” up snowball fight outside. One time a Mixmag article described me and my mates as something along the lines of “dancing lumps being held up by the cushioned walls by the DJ Booth” I will also never forget “Born Slippy” being dropped in the peak of Transporting fame and also “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed the whole club singing along arm in arm with the main lights up having a moment. Something you don’t get now kids queuing up for the cubicles (And not for a shit) and coming out all posing to some EDM !! So the club is being demolished and with it a load of memories. The generation that every move and many mistakes were just left in the 90’s and not immediately posted to social media. Happy days indeed. Below are the pictures of the club being demolished.

Cream club demolition

Cream club demolition 2

Cream club demolition 3

Thanks to Son of 8 for the pictures. Two lads who I know who have a new dance choon out (Video Below) Sadly my clubbing days are well behind me and I won’t be going out to Ibiza to see them DJ this summer. I have had my time and my tight clubbing top from the 90’s is now an extremely tight belly top ! So here is the track “Future Lovers Of House” Son Of 8 Feat Roland Clark.

Goodbye number two is to Dutch footy legend Johan Cruyff. I still have Cruyff as top of level two when it comes to footy (Pele and Maradona the only level one players) and there are many stories knocking around about Cruyff after his death. Well me being a man of Adidas (Original) and three stripes (Not the stripes da Yoof of today are having before posing to EDM) I was amazed to find out that Cruyff only had two stripes on his Dutch kit as he was sponsored by Puma so Adidas made him a special two stripe kit) Now when I was in school if your trakie top had two stripes you were called a meff and it was classed as jars Adidas. If only a meff had come back and said its actually a Johan Cruyff two stripe top we wouldn’t have had much of a comeback. But instead the meffs endured years of ribbing. Adidas posted a nice two stripe tribute (below)

Cruyff Two Stripe Adidas

Adidas Two Stripe Johan Cruyff tribute

Goodbye number three is to my calf’s after running 22 miles today. That is the most I have ever run (I stopped during my one marathon) I must admit it was tough at times and I can only hope that the crowd and the day will spur me on for the last 4 and a bit miles. Some hours after the run my calf was twitching away at random and it looked like something was in there trying to get out. But a few hours later I did feel a bit better and even walked the dog and am now refuelling with a Desperados. So two weeks on Sunday the big race and I am sure I will be posting an exhausting an emotional post race blog on the day. Thats it now for long runs and I nailed the 22 miles in 3 hours 42 so all being well I will get under the target 5 hours and have decided that will be that and I am only going to do the Liverpool half marathon in a few months and not the full one. I will have nothing to gain but more pain and effort and the way I felt after todays run I did not have much left to give. Mind you after the last marathon I said that was that and here I am again.

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