Threshold Festival VI (Balaclavas and face paint)


Threshold Festival

So a Saturday night and with a paid babysitter for the first time in history me and Mrs Fay headed off down to The Baltic triangle and the sixth edition of The Threshold Festival. Sadly we could only make it down later on missing bands like Shamona and the recommended to us Lying B*st*rds. So after picking up our festival wristbands from Unit 51. First up and we caught the last few songs by Chanel & The Circus at the Alchemy stage at Constellations. Hard to describe Chanel’s genre but the American LIPA student put on a good show and I spotted her enjoying the rest of the evenings entertainment on the dance floor. As it was a multi venue festival we thought we should head out somewhere else so headed to District again catching the tail end of a set from Kusangi. Next up were a band called Barbaros who for some reason thought I recognised the name. With two drummers set up on the front of the stage facing each other and electronics at the back when they came on I soon remembered them. All three members decked out in balaclavas and District had filled up for the hypnotic drums and synth sound that was to come. I had seen them at LIMF last year in Sefton Park on a bigger stage but this smaller more moody venue suited their music better.

Barabos at Threshold Festival

Had to sadly cut short Barabos and head back up to Constellations for another band I had seen at LIMF in 2013 but has completely gone off my radar called Stony Bowder Jnr who I wanted to see. I seem to recall a different male lead singer when I watched them last time but I enjoyed their set with the song “Strike” being the highlight for me. So from balaclavas to face paint of the next band and Brighton’s very own The Slytones. With their black and white face paint again the music varied so much they are hard to nail down with a genre (I had read Pyschedelic Gospel Blues) but an energetic performance had the now growing crowd rocking and the heat had the face paint of the lead singer now showing lines of sweat dripping down vertically such was the effort put into the performance.

The Slytones at Threshold Festival

First up before the headline act a small set from a DJ to who’s set started of with “All that she wants” by Ace Of Base cue 90’s flashback and much later than advertised Birmingham’s mighty The Destroyers. This was the fourth time I had seen the band in Liverpool (5 if you count Glastonbury) and as ever the balkan gypsy inspired mega folk band did not let Liverpool down and Constellations was bouncing to their sound and I now after several Desperados was partaking in some dodgy Balkan themed dancing whatever that is. On reflection it was just a modern twist of my 1990’s Cream/051/Garlands clubbing dance of one hand in the air doing a “dad style” dance !! The Destroyers are still going as strong as ever and have recovered from the loss of their lead singer Paul Murphy a few years back and Paul sadly passed away a couple of months back and I will never forget those gigs in the much missed Kazimier and then newly opened Camp & Furnace in 2012. So a mixture of new and old tracks from the band and the vortex cannon was on show once again firing smoke circles into the crowd (pic below) Always great so wee a crowd lap up The Destroyers though sadly my mate Ian had bailed by this point though Alan & Janette made it to the end with me and Mrs Fay.  So it was post 2am when the Balkan madness finally ended and I had hoped to talk to the band as we usually do but I was running on empty and needed to get back home before I turned into a pumpkin so never did get an early confirmation from the band for Glastonbury 2016.

The Destroyers live at Threshold Festival

So once again I had a boss time at Threshold six and must make all three days next yearend with some of the Glastonbury line up announced this week and my ticket paid for the festival season has well and truly started. Do check out Threshold next year and you can get early bird three day tickets for around a tenner !! So much diverse music to listen to and explore the cracking Baltic triangle area of Liverpool. You will be glad you did.


Fay x x x x x x x



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