The purple one departs and a purple bin tribute

So as I might have mentioned me and my mates play a game by phone where when somebody dies your text the name of the person followed by arse to claim the win. We have been playing it that long that I have forgotten the reason the word arse is added onto the end. I know when out jogging and my phone goes mad or if I wake up and there are six unread texts that sadly somebody famous has died. This year my phone has been going mad. Occasionally you get ones when you look at your phone and you go “Whatttttzzzzz” Michael Jackson being one of them. Yesterday it was sadly my time to claim a win and the “Prince Arse” text was sent to the group. A few replies were “WTF” and “No Way” this was a big one. Now I will admit only ever purchasing “1999” on 7″ single and a download of “I Wanna Be Your Lover” so by no means Prince’s biggest fan. As gushing tributes were being given and news channels trying to fill up time with not many actual facts I thought I better do a social media tribute to Prince and so I donned my curly wig on top of a scouse purple bin and there it was. Not just a normal purple bin though it was the smaller of our two bins to match the petite purple musical maestro.

Scouse purple bin tribute to Prince

So the next morning in work horrified that Prince had previously pulled all his music from Spotify I remembered that Mrs Fay had a best of on our iTunes. So away I went but the sound quality was poor. Must have been when I ripped it into iTunes. Mrs Fay then informed me it was a jarg CD she bought for £3 back in the day ! Sorry Prince the least I can do is download a proper version so I purchased “Ultimate Prince” and his latest album “HITNRUN Phase Two” First to hit me was a track called “Controversy” how have I not heard this before ? I deffo need to check out Prince’s stuff in a bit more detail before 1999 (The album not the year) my fave Prince choon has always been “Alphabet St” Stuff like this is why as a rule I don’t really do mainstream new music as there is (A) so much fucking great old music to discover and (B) so much current untapped music floating about not pushed on us my talent shows and the slowly dying record labels. So I am sit here having a bevy listening to my new and old Prince choons in my purple bills eating purple quality street and have just sent a text to Purple Aki to come around so we can feel each others muscles singing “U got the look” to each other. I was waiting for the Liverpool echo who normally when somebody dies try and get some tenuous link to Liverpool such as “Prince once went Everton in a game of FIFA 99” or other such shite tinged links. But yesterday they didn’t but thank god for their in depth coverage of the death of the superb dancing, singing, guitar playing and writing Prince as without it just couldn’t of learned so much about the life and body of work or Prince and the sad death.

Liverpool Echo coverage of the death of Prince

So other musings this week and me and the youngest were walking past Sudley Infants school whilst walking the dog and I was saying how you would be going there soon Holly and playing out at dinner time like all the other boys and girls were. She said that she would be going there with her cousins Ethan and Zach. Ethan is already in the school and she asked if he would be in the playground. I said yes shall we look for him so we did. Well with every boy decked out in a red Sudley infant school jumper I soon realised that we had created out own live and moving version of “Wheres Wally” with Ethan being the Wally. We didn’t spot Wally but might go back for a game again next Friday lunch. Thankfully I was with the dog and Holly peering into the school as otherwise I might have got arrested as part of operation yew tree !

The mind of a child is wonderful, open to imagine much more things than and adult and exact to the point. Today whilst after playing “Wheres Wally Live” we went up Sudley field and in the grounds of the museum is a sundial in memory of the people of Aigburth who died in the Hillsborough disaster. Holly asked what it was and I explained about how people boys & girls, young and old went to watch a football match and never came back. I told her 96 people died to which she replied “Thats a lot of people” my heart sank and I thought of Phil Hammond who I knew and the other 95 who never made it back. I just replied to Holly “Yes it was” She ran off to play elsewhere and I again contemplated that fateful day.

Again whilst walking the dog I heard a woman shouting Prince. Her voice became angrier and louder. A massive fan I thought coming to terms with the news but then her dog ran back to her.


Fay x x x x x x x


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