The Cult Of Noel Gallagher

So Monday night and me and the missus headed of to The Liverpool Echo Arena to go and see Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds. We had a couple of drinks in town and a scran and headed over to The Albert Dock but all the bars where chokka so we headed into the arena to watch the end of The Super Fury Animals. Whilst walking by the Albert Dock you could tell we were getting nearer to the venue as we spotted the not so rare sighting of the “lesser spotted Liam tit” that is men in their 40’s with a daft Gallagher haircut. You know the one where the extended side hair that is that long it starts to curl up a bit at the end. With the 90’s being the decade of my youth and young adulthood who out of us didn’t like Oasis ? Fast forward over 20 years and Noel Gallagher is now on his second solo album and what an album it is “Chasing Yesterday” one of my fave albums of 2015. Haven’t only caught Oasis on their last tour I was a bit worried about what would go on in my standing speck as last time I watched the throwing of ale and who knows what else in the standing area from a seat in the gods at the Sheffield Arena.

So the Noel show starts and the cult of Noel Gallagher break out into a terrace style chant of “Noellll, Noellll” (This continued between most songs) Hmmm this was going as I expected though only spotted a rare throwing of ale (Piss ?) Now Noel is an excellent musician and song writer and his voice is OK and much like his Oasis back catalogue I prefer the more mellow stuff rather than the more heavy guitar based tracks. The cult of Noel Gallagher were rewarded with a few Oasis sing songs and the followers were in full voice hands raised in the air worshiping their leader. Now out of all the Oasis tracks played “Champagne Supernova” hit home for me reviving memories of having come home from Cream in some post club bliss banging “Champagne Supernova” on repeat and lying on my bed drifting off to sleep (Eventually) Sadly (My loss I know) I could just not get over the laddish culture surrounding me half expecting people to come out with “Oi Oi, lads lands, banter banter” in a cockney voice. As also expected there was no outing for my fave track on the latest album “The Right Stuff” Perhaps at 42 1/2 I am just getting too old for this lark and the big venue atmosphere. I have hated the Echo Arena since day one and hence why I went to Sheffield for the Oasis concert but to see certain artists it is the only option. Indeed I know I am getting old when at times I was paying more time to the brass section and choir hidden away at the back of the stage rather than the main artist. So for £50 for a ticket it most probably wasn’t worth it but it could be worse I could have been sitting at the very side of the stage up in the gods (Why would anybody buy a ticket there ?) We did have a boss speck not very far from the front off to the left and away from the main band of Gallagher believers who no doubt would pay a lot more to see their hero and lets face facts with the amount of hero’s biting the dust at the moment grab them whilst you can.

I was gonna post this on Tuesday but the events of the day were much more important than the ramblings of me. There is not much more to add to what has already been said. Tuesday afternoon I walked up to the Hillsborough memorial on Sudley Field and took a moment out to think of the people who had died that day, their families and friends and all the people who were at the match on that fateful day. There were some freshly laid flowers with a simple message “Finally R.I.P 26.04.2016” more tears welling up in my eyes and no more words needed.

Sudley Field Hillsborough memorial


Fay x x x x x x x


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