A wife, 3 daughters, 5 fish and now 2 dogs. Welcome to Fayland “Zuma” (update)

So after over a week of griding Mrs Fay down she finally made it five votes out of five in the Fay household and said we could have a new dog. We had one lined up from a family member on Mrs Fay’s side and on Sunday we headed off to the other side of the water to pick up our new “Shorkie” which would be added to our current “Morkie” A quick translation for you “Shortie” = Shih Tzu (Whats a shit zoo, a zoo with no animals) and Yorkshire Terrier and “Morkie” = Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier or to anybody who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s before this dog crossing shenanigans a pair of mongrels. We had already decided on the dog we were gonna have and left the household we got the dog from with just the seven dogs left (And I thought I was fucking mad having two dogs) So we headed back to Liverpool via a stop off at Pets At Home were I had to draw the line and refuse to buy the new Shorkie a cap and four dog boots ! On the way home we had decided on a name for our new family member. My suggestion was “Molby” after my fave footballer. “Artoo” was in the mix for a Star Wars related name. I had refused outright “Biscuit” as it would be muggins shouting that name across Sudley Field once the novelty of the new puppy had worn off. We finally agreed on “Zuma” who is a character from the kids programme Paw Patrol.

Zuma from Paw Patrol

So one of the major concerns was how our current dog Benny would react to Zuma. So with no time to waste we put Zuma and Benny together. Now Benny is king of the dogs on Sudley Field. There is not a dog he doesn’t know and he loves playing with any dog. So when Zuma was put down on the floor Benny started wagging his tail expecting a play but Zuma just done nothing. This happens now and again when Benny meets dogs whilst out and Bennys reaction is too bark to try and get a legger from the other dog. Queue barking now. I must be barking to get a second dog. Eventually both mutts I mean darling pets of mine settled down and normal order was resumed. Later on in the evening Zuma was finding some confidence and started to play back with Benny. This just started more barking from Benny and small yapping from Zuma. I had no option and used out to the shops for an emergency 8 cans of Magners and a Twix for comfort. So Sunday night is spent sat having a bevy with one dog upstairs and one downstairs to keep some peace whilst I look at several dog related web sites for the training etc that is ahead of us. Things seemed to have settled down on the dog front and both are lying on Elizabeth Who said “she is so happy she could cry” x x As Mrs Fay says “So today this happened & we appear to have 2 dogs to go with our 3 kids! Before anyone says it, yes we are mad but you know what, we have made 3 children very very happy so who cares!!! X” I agree and life is lived for those moments. Those moments you dot forget like the first time you step on one of your puppies shites ! Its all part of the cunning plan of mine to finally have a majority of “willies” in the house with the score now 4-3 to “narnies” ???? fast forward 10 years and me and my boys will outnumber the crazed wife going through the change (Shut that window, open that window) and three daughters 21,18 and 14. So Zuma is going to sleep in Elizabeths bedroom tonight hopefully in his new bed. When we got Benny he cried the first night and with Mrs Fay having a job interview the next day I took one for team Fay and slept downstairs with him.

First night and as mentioned above we took no chances and Zuma slept well in his bed until about 4am and then ended up snuggling with Elizabeth. Today has been spent clearing shit and piss up and the new wooden floor in the living room can’t come soon enough. It’s been like when we have had a new baby with a constant stream of visitors. I have been like one of those annoying bastards in Facebook and Instagram posting picture of our new found bundle of fluff and below are a few more just for you all to go awwwwwww. So watching the match and both dogs fast asleep. Going to try them both downstairs tonight and hopefully the puppy doesn’t cry too much or in the crate it goes ! Speaking of crates I have four cans of Magners left and the end of the bank holiday weekend after all what man with 1 wife, 3 daughters, five fish and now two dogs doesn’t deserve a bevy?

Zumba The Shorkie

Zumba The Shorkie Puppy

Zumba The Shorkie and Benny The Morkie

So a whole blog on a puppy again. I must be going fucking daft in my old age but I can’t wait to roll out the “dad” joke and annoy the kids when both dogs are in the yard and I can annoyingly sing “Who let the dogs out” Many Thanks to Ian, Sandy and family for our puppy x x

UPDATE 03.05.16

So I put both dogs in their baskets in the hall and both jumped out. Zuma started crying and Benny pacing about before then going on the bottom stair. Zuma cried for the next 10 mins pacing around the hall. Benny had had enough and then jumped into his basket. Zuma still crying followed him and jumped in Benny’s basket and instantly stopped crying. I had only had a few cans but what an emotional tender animal moment. As for me I am booked into the insanity clinic for evaluation on Thursday. I will keep you updated !


Fay x x x x x x x


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