Glastonbury 2016 Day 5

So Sunday morning and the going was getting tough. We headed of for a hike down to the car to take some stuff down to make the final slog on Monday easier. We took one tent down and were allowing Alan to make if a threesome in the tent with Mrs Fay. That’s sleeping arrangements […]

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Glastonbury 2016 Day 4

So Saturday and whilst feeling shite it was a much better state than I thought I would be in a much worse state than I was. Reliving the night before one of the young 18 year old lads was telling us on how he face timed his dad live from Carl Cox ! With more […]

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Glastonbury 2016 day 3 

So the festival started and the fun can begin. After a hike to the car it’s was time for a breakfast drink and one of my five a day in the shape of a can of Koppaberg. First up musically it was Hobo Jones & The Junkyard dogs who had the Avalon crowd bouncing away […]

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Glastonbury 2016 Day 2

So day two and suffering from a slight hangover due to the excesses of the night before it was the long walk back to the car to pick some gear up. Coming back with the trolleys was horrendous but we must go through these Glastonbury trials and it’s all about peaks and troughs.  After a […]

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Glastonbury 2016 Day 1 

So we headed off from Liverpool at 6:15 am all excited and we were off to the utopia that is Glastonbury. Just as we headed off we read the do not travel to the festival warning. We thought fuck it and get down on the M5 near Glastonbury and make a call then. A few […]

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