Daddy bootcamp: Mersey River Festival and Formby Beach

So Friday evening and a lovely evening in Liverpool me and Mrs Fay headed down to the Pier Head in Liverpool for BBC Music Day (As we did in 2015) Entertaining us for free on the Friday were a host of Liverpool artists followed by Huey from The Fun Lovin Criminals dropping some choons. With Mrs Fay going to Edinburgh for a few days on Saturday with the girls she allowed me to have a few drinks in the sunshine to watch Liverpool’s finest. She wanted to start fresh for the world record attempt of looking up Scottsman’s kilts ! We caught the end of The Sundowners and up next were one of my faves The Tea Street band. With just a small set the lads banged out some great songs in a great setting just in from of the famous Liver Buildings (None of this three graces bollocks) Cant wait for the new album to drop (Did that sound hip ??) Next up Louis Berry and I remembered his attitude from the Liverpool International Music Festival in 2015 and he was on top form and one I will deffo try and catch again in a proper gig of his own. Managed to grab a few pics of the event and hopefully catch it again next year as its well worth a nosey on down and sad we had to bail early due to the “bin lids”

(Click on pics for a larger image)

Tea Street Band BBC Music Day 2016

Louis Berry BBC Music Day

So Mrs Fay waved goodbye on Saturday morning complete with tartan hat and ginger wig. OK no hat and she says her hair is “Strawberry blonde” It was time for operation daddy boot camp to kick in and my three daughters 11, 8 and 4 quaking in their boots as the boss was in charge. First up in boot camp the kids were getting dragged back down to the Pier Head for the Mersey River Festival as one of my fave bands ever were playing the mighty Soul II Soul. I find it very hard to believe that its 27 years ago since “Keep On  Movin” was booming out of my portable cassette player. It would be the equilvelient of my dad back in 1989 taking me to see some music he liked from 1962. That would have been a bad day out. But bought off with some sweets and sausage and chips on the grass in front of The Cunard building (None of this three graces bollocks) I met a mate with his two kids and we were ready to be a “Happy race, a thumpin bass for a loving race” I stopped short at wearing my Soul II Soul t-shirt and was enjoying the set. As the bass kicked in for Keep On Movin the crowd en mass picked up and grooved in the late evening Liverpool sunshine. What it must feel like to of written a classic that has an effect on a crowd. Sadly though the clouds are gathering and being the weather nerd in me spotted rain was on its way. I had to make a call and miss some Soul II Soul to keep the kids dry and took one for the team as I could have quite happily and blissfully listened to Soul II Soul all night and thought I was 16 again and a 32″ waist with a full head of hair !! So day one of daddy boot camp over and all was well. I hadn’t even had to play the McDonalds bonus trump card yet.

After the morning alarm had gone off and two of the kids were lined up in the hall for inspection (Eldest had stayed out) we promptly picked the eldest up and I had decided that we would head of to Formby, now being middle class bastards with a National Trust membership (Yes I have kept that one quiet) On the way in the car I was telling the kids of how long the walk back uo to the train station seemed after a sunny day sun down Formby as kids. The eldest in a choked voice said “You could actually come here on your own !! ” Well yes as I had all the freedoms I wanted as a child and not wrapped up in bubble wrap as people watch Sky News and read shite papers thinking there is a peado on every corner. I remembered the time 27 years ago that on the way home on the train I was playing on the shittest cassette player ever made the one and only Soul II Soul. The album was the sound of the summer in 1989 and I was the dogs bollocks on the train attracting female attention that was until they seen my Alba cassette player with gaffer tape on the back keeping the batteries in and at that point I was called out as the 16 year old meff I was. I was boasting that we wouldn’t have to walk back that treck from the beach. I had a flashback to when I used to do it and between the lot of us we could manage to scrape together enough for 1 can of Coke and have a swig each ! As for that walk up from Aigburth station to the house it was like climbing Mount Everest. By this time we had arranged to meet again later but once I got in the house bright red faced and had a boss scran of me mum none of us ever made it back out instead lounging on our beds thinking how much more sand can come out of my orifices ? Well it was the people who walked down from the station having the last laugh as it then took us about 1 hours 5o to get into the car park ! We had scoffed our packed lunch by the time we got to the car park and we headed off straight to the beach. Now I normally suffer from “Queuephobia” so it was a miracle I waited but I was determined to have a day out with the kids even if every person from Liverpool had decided to go to Formby (TWATS)

The kids did have a great time at the beach. It was lucky that Nigel Farage wasn’t there as he would have thought the beach was being invaded as I have never heard so many foreign voices on what is technically a “scouse” beach. Just shows how things have changed since I first started going to “Freshies” and despite me already having sent off my “No” vote for the referendum it doesnt arse me one bit. I can’t trust anything both sides say and am voting no purely for the fact the whole system (UK and Europe) needs changing and perhaps this can be the start of the revolution !! Anyways got a great picture of Formby in the sunshine (See below and click for larger image) and with the kids all showered and ready for tomorrow by 6pm I cracked open a can in the back yard and awaited Pizza Park to deliver our tea. I think the kids have enjoyed daddy bootcamp this time around. Though we can’t wait for Mrs Fay/Mummy to come home as lets be honest the ironing doesn’t do itself !! Kids all settled just the dogs having their mad hour now ! I am indeed red faced again after a day on Formby beach though sadly no boss scran made by my mum. It’s always the random moments of the past memories that come and hit you like a hammer when thinking about a lost loved one. Another can it is then.

Formby Beach panorama


Fay x x x x x x x


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