Fathers day: The good, the bad and the very bad and Tunnel 10k run.

So Sunday morning and after a near 50 hour working week a day off and indeed it was Fathers Day. Reflection number one (The good) No lie in and for some crazy reason I had decided to run the Liverpool Tunnel 10k. So not only was I up early the kids were as well and on hand to give me my cards and presents. The result of this was a Fay family breakfast in bed of Celebrations (Twix for me) and my as designed by the Fay family Adidas originals track top. Not to be left out my boys (The Dogs Benny and Zuma) joined us to say good morning though those two little bastards didn’t buy me a card or present ? So after dropping the kids of early at my sisters (Cheers sis) it was into town for the start. This race will most probably mark the end of my 2015/2016 running season. A season which started on a cold and wet night on October 27th and a very hard effort of 4 miles. 8 months later and I have achieved so much in the running world. I conquered my goal of doing a sub five hour marathon and also in the mix were 3 x 5k 2 x 10k and 3 Half Marathons. I had nailed personal bests in all 4 distances and decided today I would run with Mrs Fay and spur her on. The tunnel was a bit humid and that hill up and out onto The Wirral is always a bastard but I enjoyed the leisurely stroll and we finished in 1 hour 5 which was a course record fro Mrs Fay. So with it being unlikely that I run again this “season” I officially declare the Glastonbury and BBQ season open and remember kids always keep yer fat pants as you will need them.

Mi Adidas Originals Tracksuit Top

Fathers day reflection number two (The Bad) and fathers day is always bittersweet as I remember that my old man is no longer with us. I would love to know his view on all this Europe bollocks and him getting to see my girls grow up. But alas it wasn’t to be and a case of remembering him today and I will raise a glass of Magners to him this evening or as he would call it “That tarts drink cider”

Fathers day reflection number three (The very bad) and my thoughts are with a friend who’s dad is very ill today. Never great at anytime but fathers day must be a testing time. Being what I jokingly call myself “The death expert” amongst my mates having lost all my elder family as I was texting him back the other day I had a tear in my eye for him and I knew exactly what he was going through. Waiting for a loved one to pass away knowing in your heart of hearts that there isn’t much hope and spending what seems like an endless time at the hospital waiting for the worst to happen and once you get to a certain point somewhat hoping the worst does happen as it serves no purpose to your dad and you and your family. Not much more to add to this but a sense of immense sorrow.

So after this blog I will be getting all Glastonbury on you. All my new clothes are bought. Just waiting on the final touches to this years Glastonbury hat. The ale has been ordered and picked up. The glowsticks have arrived and the CD for the journey down compiled. All that remains is three more sleeps and I will be heading down to the farm early on Wednesday morning. So expect a pre Glastonbury blog on Tuesday and then starting on Thursday morning Day 1 to 5 reviews and a best of Glastonbury blog later next week. It is a truly wonderful place. A place where for five days I can forget about the outside world and children and I can for 5 days become what I used to be (Fun and a laugh so Mrs Fay says)

Thats it, time for that tarts drink in memory of John Fay, time for my kids to get me it from the fridge and time to be glancing at my phone expecting “that” text from a friend and operation support kicks in.

UPDATE 20.06.16 Sadly my friends dad died overnight on Sunday. He was with his sisters when he passed away in hospital. The whole of the Fay family send our condolences.


Fay x x x x x x x


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