Glastonbury 2016 Day 1 

So we headed off from Liverpool at 6:15 am all excited and we were off to the utopia that is Glastonbury. Just as we headed off we read the do not travel to the festival warning. We thought fuck it and get down on the M5 near Glastonbury and make a call then. A few hours later and well down the M5 we made the decision to go for it. Several hours later and the 18 year olds in our group had decided to walk the last 10 miles. We were moving that slow that I got out and walked to the pub, have a piss and a lovely pint of Estrella and they still hadn’t caught me up. The locals despite it being a pain in the arse for them were offering the houses for toilet use. Next up some familiar faces passed us my twin niece and nephew. There coach driver had done his hours waiting and everybody had to walk. We took some of their stuff off them and they only had five miles to walk. 14 hours after setting off from Liverpool we were in the car park. Now when you arrive in good time the hike with all the stuff is a twat of a walk. This evening after that journey down the thought of the walk was heartbreaking. We decided on just one run so me and Alan were to share a tent. 90 mins later and base camp was set up and the hiss of the Desperados opening was heard.
We ventured out about 9:45 as the light was fading and we caught the traditional Wednesday night fireworks. We headed up to the Glastonbury hill and turned around at the top to see the multicoloured ribbon tower in the evening dark and the rest of the site twinkling away. It made all the effort of the day worthwhile and the beautiful sight and the feeling of being home was magical.
Coming down the hill involved some downhill mud skiing and we ventured into a few tents from a drink and to find some random boogie points. One tent had the delightful sounds of “Pump up the jam” by Technotronic though dancing on the muddy dance floor was tough with my wellies sinking into the mud turning me into a statue. I christened the dance floor “Le dancèfloor de la chocolat” not sure why it was French but hey ho. 
We managed one more tent, dance and bevvy before a long muddy drunken walk home and a stop off for the normal Glastonbury supper of a biscuit boost and I fell into my tent for 3:15am to cuddle up to Alan as Mrs Fay arrives on site tomorrow. Great to be back at Glastonbury and had such a laugh already and it hasn’t even started yet.

Fay X X X X X X X 


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