Glastonbury 2016 Day 2

So day two and suffering from a slight hangover due to the excesses of the night before it was the long walk back to the car to pick some gear up. Coming back with the trolleys was horrendous but we must go through these Glastonbury trials and it’s all about peaks and troughs. 
After a few beers to cool down after the effort we headed up to a new area of Glastonbury called The Wood. En route I grabbed my sausage barm for breakfast (It was 3:45) and we had a lovely cold cider from the bar located in the wood. A beautiful little place and well worth the visit and the added bonus of the best 4G signal on my phone.
People are always speaking of rumours about people who are playing secret sets so we started one off that Will Smith is going to appear during Earth Wind & Fire. So if your in site and hear that it’s bollocks as some scouse twats made it up.
Heading out at night a kind young gentlemen dressed in some fetching ladies attire was offering festival wanks for a fiver. As I would past him I said I’ve only got £3 and his reply was for £3 I will bring you near but you have to finish yourself off. I politely declined the offer.
Had a lovely time chilling in Stummerville and met an old work mate who’s losing his Glastonbury virginity this year. Needless to say he has already fell in love with the place. A stumble down the hill to the West Holts bar and Mrs Fay wasn’t far from arriving. Truly knackered we had a pint and then a band called Tiguana Sound Machine came in a mixture of dance beats but with a brass section overlaid on top. The sound of a euphonium blasting away had us up dancing again but it was the last bits of energy I had left evaporating into the night air. 
Mrs Fay turned up around midnight and I done the gentlemanly thing and carried her rucksack back to the tent. With spare time at a minimum when we landed on Wednesday I didn’t have time to blow up my deluxe double mattress. But tonight I did. I laid down and melted into it raising a smile on my face and I drifted off to recharge the batteries. This was of course after my Biscuit Boost supper. So two days of fun and experiences and it’s the real thing starting on Friday and Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs first up. Bring it on.
X X X X X X X 


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