Glastonbury 2016 day 3 

So the festival started and the fun can begin. After a hike to the car it’s was time for a breakfast drink and one of my five a day in the shape of a can of Koppaberg. First up musically it was Hobo Jones & The Junkyard dogs who had the Avalon crowd bouncing away and were also very funny as well. I follow another Neil Fay on Twitter and he had said to me to go and see them but they were on the list anyway. Great (Neil Fay’s) minds think alike. 
Next up we plodded up to see Craig Charles play some choons and quality choons he played. The weather didn’t know what to do with me having various layers on at times depending on the rain. Deffo the muddiest Glastonbury I have encountered. Still managed not to have fallen over but is that tempting fate. Anyway there was only so much boogying I could do in a purple poncho in the rain. It was 3:30 in the afternoon and I was already smashed ! It’s a marathon not a sprint I told myself.
Next up Canada’s finest The Lumineers. We managed to get 3 from the front so my fat face would have deffo been on the TV. A great festival feel band The Lumineers didn’t disappoint and as they finished we just followed the crowd and thinking the route was a new found shortcut. I was asked for a wristband and got a “Sorry mate its hospitality” the other 3 in the gang were through though and I have bunked in harder places than this. Needless to say I made hospitality. Nothing special though the toilets were portakabins but there was no free ale or anything. I decided it was time to have breakfast and at 18:30 plumped for some chips !!
So ZZTop were the first band to bite the dust and it was just too much effort to get to them and we headed back to base camp so that we could get ready for the day and also have some more of my five a day ciders. Armed with my disco paint and KLF top hat with built in flashing blue light I trudged up to West Holts with the flag to grab a good spec for the evening. Roisin Murphy was belting her tracks out and as I walked up I noticed she had a KLF tshirt on. Perfect synchronicity and off to Mu Mu land we went. Wasn’t sure if she would do any Moloko songs but there was a subtle version of “Sing it back” which had the crowd in harmonies. As the gang (And a few more) come and met me as I had the Tyskie flag it was time for Underworld and what a magic experience it was. The evening was becoming a blur by then but I can’t wait to watch the set back next week when I have post Glastonbury blues to cheer myself up. 
One last post midnight effort and it was time to hike up and get lost in The Greenfields field to find some tent to see the mighty Destroyers. As ever the sound of Balkan mega folk rock never fails to get you dancing and that was that though with energy levels at minus 20 I still had to walk home. Once again the feeling of sinking into my blow up mattress brought near orgasmic joy and taking my wellies off with like a multi climax.
All the way through the blog and no mention of the referendum. We had a few drunken debates on it but I will leave it there as I am in the greatest place on earth. Somewhere were you feel fenced away from society in a land filled with fun, freedom and no responsibilities (Thanks To the grandparents who make this all possible) and I will digest all that has gone on with this shite country and system when I get home.
Mud levels back to danger levels and toilets have been fine so far. A quieter day 4 planned ha ha ha as if !!
X X X X X X X 


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