Glastonbury 2016 Day 5

So Sunday morning and the going was getting tough. We headed of for a hike down to the car to take some stuff down to make the final slog on Monday easier. We took one tent down and were allowing Alan to make if a threesome in the tent with Mrs Fay. That’s sleeping arrangements before you think of anything else. Saving my swinging for my 50’s. Due the the difficulty getting around the site we had to ditch the planned performance of Gregory Porter and eventually mustered up enough energy to have a walk around the site and I decided to double up on the ciders to get me out of the trough I was in. Sadly the 48 cans of Desperados and 12 Koppaberg we brought down had been demolished by me and Alan. We made it to Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot on the other stage. We last seen them two years ago in the acoustic tent and it was nice they were on a bigger stage. As expected they did not disappoint with songs from all Heaton’s various guises from The Housemartins, The Beautiful South and up to his current duo with Jacqui. You always have a moment or two at Glastonbury and the beautifully sung “Caravan of love” had me, Alan and Mrs Fay reduced to tears. So I can add that to when I shed a tear at Lionel Richie in 2015.

It was then time for a walk around the site and we ended up in a bed we found on Wednesday night up in Glastonbury Latino. Only this time me and Alan were the only people in the bar. We stayed for two as we got ice with our cider and had a lovely couch to sit on. It was a nice break from the madness of the festival and recharge before the final Sunday night push. We got speaking to the bar staff and some bard had closed due to health and safety. Whilst sitting down “Heroes” by David Bowie came on so we waved our hands in the air and had our own Bowie tribute.

After a lie down in the tent it was time for a K cider (taking back to the early 90’s) and despite the conditions testing my patience we had found a staff shortcut from our tent which got us up to The Glade to see the Stereo MC’s. I had previously seen the band headline the glade in 2011 and this evenings performance was spot on and the stereo mc virgins amongst us were also very impressed with some amazing performances that got us all absorbed in. One last push up to West Holts to stumble across a cracking band called Freddie and the freeloaders but we had to leave early to get a speck for Earth Wind & Fire (Ewf) It was to be the final event of 2016 and as expected Ewf did not let us down with a disco, funk, jazz and a whole lot more uplifting performance. With some big hits that had the crowd going off every time it was “Fantasy” that I had my moment to but no tears this time just a big cheesy grin as I sucked up my last bit of Glastonbury 2016.

That was that and a final energy sapping walk home through the mud via my traditional last nights chips one way home and I was in bed asleep in the tent for 12am. Up early at 6am for an eventful journey home (see tomorrow’s blog) Glastonbuty may I again thank you for another truly wonderful year. Another big up to the grandparents who without there help these trips of a million memories would not be possible and the added bonus of the front living room being decorated. Back tomorrow for a final review and then some pictures later on in the week.

Yep it’s time to go the pub for the match. This party is never ending.



X x x x x x x 


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