I left £600 worth of camera gear by a bin at Glastonbury !!

So 6am and the alarm call for the attempt to get out of Glastonbury. On Sunday we had repositioned the car nearer the track to make it easier to get out but still had to push the car out once after it got stuck. We had also decanted some stuff down the car so were travelling lighter on Monday morning. I say lighter its still a 40 min walk to the car with the gear and the biggest tent of all. I picked my £600 worth of camera gear and had almost certainly decided it would be the last year I take it as (A) I had taken pictures of most the things. Very little changes year on year and (B) for those “moments” it is easier to get the phone out rather than a posh DSLR.  So we were all packed up and headed to the car. We had a slight rest at half way by some bins before the main road and then as it was my turn with the massive tent I just got in the zone and powered on and made it to the car. All packed away and with just a slight push we got out of our spot and onto the road. It took about 25 mins to get out of the site and it was then free flowing traffic to the M5 and truly on our way home. I was tired and couldn’t be happier as I was expecting a nightmare getting out of the car park at 7am. I was even more happier as we approached the services for a chance to have some kind of wash rather than a baby wipes wash followed by a “Lynx shower” On autopilot I thought better bring my camera as I don’t want to leave it in the car. It was at that moment I got the sick stomach churning feeling that normally lasts for two second as you then find your phone in another pocket and not the normal one you have it in. I asked is my camera in the back of the car but I knew deep down that it was hanging on the metal post by some bins back in Glastonbury. Whilst gutting and still thinking it was gutting I consoled myself that its only a monetary value item and whilst I can no way near afford to piss £600 away (I only splashed out on it in the first place as it was money from when my dad died and I wanted something material rather than it just flitter away) there are worse things in life so onwards we go. I had my lovely wash and some breakfast and we headed back home. Helen who was with us was coming home later and was parked next to us and I text her and told her where the camera was and if she would ask a security guard as there might have been a chance it was handed in and I could claim it back via lost property. So well on the way home and trying hard not to think about the camera we got a text from Helen over three hours after muggins had left his camera. The Glastonbury gods where shining on me for not pissing on the land and leaving no trace by my camp site. The camera bag was still hanging on the metal post by the bins. By this time it was busy and Helen had to ask somebody could you please pass me that camera bag as my mate left it there over three hours ago and it was passed to her and the people who were around her had a last bit of that Glastonbury spirit as the miracle of Fay’s camera had taken place. OK you might call it luck. I personally don’t believe in God but I do believe in Karma. Had I found that camera I most probably would of took it home and contacted Glastonbury lost property with details to make sure that it deffo got back to its owner and also lifted a picture from the camera and started one of those social media campaigns you see rather tan risk a security guard. So back home for 2.30pm and it was only on Tuesday afternoon when I was handed the camera back that I truly believed the Glastonbury miracle of Fay’s camera.

So now I present just a few of pictures that were on the camera and pictures that will always raise a memory and remind me of what goes around come around. Do good stuff folks you will be rewarded.

See other posts on the right of this web page for links to full blogs governing Wednesday to Sunday a Glastonbury and click any picture for a larger image. One last Glastonbury review blog later in the week and I promise not to mention it again !!


Fay x x x x x x x


Silver Hayes rabbits

Speling Is impotent

Glastonbury montage sign

Badgers in the wood at Glastonbury

Glastonbury 2016 pyramid field panoramic

Glitter ball hat me and glitter ball people

Glastonbury 2016 from Circus & Theatre fields

Explorers ploughing through the Glastonbury 2016 mud

Mud lake Glastonbury 2016

Other stage flags Glastonbury 2016


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