The battle for the Speedo’s

So last week my Nike fuelband would not charge and whilst Nike are great at supplying what will now be my 4th fuelband as a replacement I was aiming for a full year reaching my points target but on the 255th day the band broke and I have lost the heart to continue with the new one whilst inevitably waiting for it to break again. So I needed a new gadget to try and help me drop a few pounds to get into my holiday Speedo’s in just three weeks time. After much consideration (My god how many fitness watches and bands are there on the market now) I went for the Garmin Vivoactive HR. After being an early adopter of the Apple Watch but ditching it after finding I still had to lug my phone around on jogs and bike rides this Garmin has built in GPS so just the watch needed and if I want any choons the old iPod shuffle. So Sunday marked the first full week of activity and whilst not really cutting down much on food and booze I did manage to walk 24.2 miles, run 6 miles, ride my bike for 19.2 miles and play an hours footy so thats not a bad start but with three weeks to get into the aforementioned holiday Speedo’s its gonna be touch and go at this rate. Next step is to cut the grog and booze down which isn’t easy as I glance to my left and see a pint of Koppaberg, a biscuit Boost and a pack of Steak McCoys.

More crazy goings on this week in France and Turkey and I watched both events unfold on the TV and for more near the knuckle coverage Twitter does the business. The “Terror” in France has got to such levels that I don’t feel terrorised by it. If at the end of the day some nut job is gonna drive a lorry at you there is not much you can do and I can’t spend my life looking at every lorry as a terrorist weapon. Friday night I was watching the scenes unfold in Turkey and feared the worst. Sky let their guard down and showed some live shootings on a bridge in Istanbul (One I am sure I have walked over during that memorable champions league trip) Expecting to wake up to a bloodbath in the morning the coup was unsuccessful and “normal” service was resumed. I reckon we need to go back to the 1990’s everybody on Gary Ablett’s and nowhere near as much shit back then if I recall and lots of people hugging each other asking “Whats yer name, where yer from and what have you had?”

The school year draws to an end (Boooooooooo) and I have 3 kids yet Mrs Fay has bough 9 boxes of chocolates for end of term. Either there are too many teachers or Mrs Fay is scoffing them or its a conspiracy by Milk Tray. Those dam too long summer holidays with kids bored after just a few days off and the weather being shite. Roll on September and sprog number three will start infants. An emotional time as I will admit there will be tears in my eyes as the elation of no kids in the house all day Monday to Friday finally hits home. No tears shed this week either as she had a graduation at nursery ?

My youngest graduated from nursery today. Can anybody explain why ? Is it a small thank you from the place for all the fees they have received ? Is it so they can make money from the “graduation” pictures ? I am very confused by it all. I didn’t even go to my proper graduation ha ha.

Yours Sincerely

Meldrew Fay Bsc Human Geography.

Any thats this weeks musings and I leave you with a holiday snap from Cyprus last year.



No it’s not really me. As if I would be seen dead in a pair of Speedo’s that are black. Purple all the way for me baby !


Fay x x x x x x x x




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