A trip to dat der London Part II (Pet Shop Boys)

So Saturday morning and time to chill after being a tourist on Friday. The original London plan was for me and the missus to dive in and out for one night to see The Pet Shop Boys live at The Royal Opera House. We headed off down to Claire’s cousins new flat in Tottenham and we then headed to local park (Lordship Park) where there was a small outdoor paddling pool and some swings to keep the kids amused. In the distance was Broadwater Farm where I remember a police officer Keith Blakelock was killed in 1985. I don’t know what it is like today but I wasn’t going to venture there. That said it’s most probably Tottenham’s version of Toxteth and we all know how a name can stick in the consciousness of the public despite it being over 30 years ago. The weather was lovely in London and the afternoon was spent in the garden pre loading on Desperados before me and the missus headed into London for some beers at London prices. Thrown in a BBQ as well and it was the perfect set up. I banged my Adidas disco trabs on and we headed off on the tube minus the kids (Thanks for looking after them Lynne) and we arrived in Covent Garden to have a few beers namely in The Marquess of Anglesey, The Covent Garden, The Nags Head and finally in the White Lion. I switched off the price of ale after my first bottle of Desperados was £5.50, fucking London prices that. We spotted the beautiful Royal Opera House on Bow Street (Thats with one house £70 please) So having checked before there was no dress code (Didn’t wanna rock up fully adidased to get knocked back) we entered the very posh Royal Opera House and had a lovely Aspall’s Suffolk Cider and some very deluxe salt and vinegar crisps and we spotted a floating bar which despite having a few I soon worked out !!

Royal Opera House floating bar

So we got chatting to some fellow “Pet Heads” and we headed up the stairs to our seats. We entered the splendid viewing area being on the third level and were kindly escorted to our standing position. With just a bar in front to lean on it dawned on me why the tickets were just £25. But there were only three rows in front of us seating and we had a cracking view and room to dance, much better than paying another £40 to sit in one of there three rows in front.

Royal Opera House London Pet Shop Boys

This was the last night of a four night residency and it was Saturday night. I had got the vibe that there were a lot of serious international “Pet Heads” in tonight and that could only add to the atmosphere. So the lights dimmed and the beats of “Inner Sanctum” kicked in and we were off. It was a cracking gig full of old and new tracks. Highlights being a lovely mellow version of ‘Love Comes Quickly” and a reworked more modern version of ‘Left To My Own Devices” Such is the back catalogue of The Pet Shop boys they can leave out number ones and top ten hits. The boys even had a band at one point and were joined for the last few tracks and encore by numerous bouncing inflatable people. Just over two hours later and that was that and with a sweat on from all the dancing we headed out into the warm London evening for a few more beers. Not quite the same level as Glastonbury 2010 but deffo the second best Pet Shop Boys convert I have been to. Would love to go the tour next year but I didn’t speck any standing spaces at any of the venues and just could not sit down at one of their gigs especially after fluking our boss standing spaces in the Opera House and for just 25 notes a pop. So for all the “Pet Heads” the setlist is below.

  1. Inner Sanctum
  2. West End Girls
  3. The Pop Kids
  4. In the Night
  5. Burn
  6. Love Is a Bourgeois Construct
  7. New York City Boy
  8. Se A Vida É (That’s The Way Life Is)
  9. Twenty-something
  10. Love Comes Quickly
  11. Love Etc.
  12. The Dictator Decides
  13. Inside a Dream
  14. Winner
  15. Home and Dry
  16. The Enigma
  17. Vocal
  18. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
  19. It’s a Sin
  20. Left to My Own Devices
  21. Go West.


  1. Domino Dancing
  2.  Always on My Mind
  3. The Pop Kids (Outro)

Pet Shop Boys Inner Sanctum at The Royal Opera House.

So we got out handy and had a pint by the Opera House and I broke my Apple Pay virginity when ordering the ale. We had an amble back past Covent Garden and headed towards Leicester Square and had one last drink outside watching the crazy world of Leicester Square go past. Time to get the tube home. Did you know there are many types of tube line depending on how they were made and what level they are at and also quite a few ghost stations that have closed down (Very interesting dat der tube history) There were a few people asleep on the tube and one girl was leaning on Mrs Fay having dozed off after a few. There must be thousands of people a week who are put to sleep by the tubes hypnotic rhythm and end up not making their stop after falling asleep pissed.

Whilst looking at the Bow Street sign I thought hmmmmm a monopoly board pub crawl. There are only several parts of this available to buy on the Kindle already. I think I might take Mrs Fay down to London again with just us two to have a crack at the Monopoly pub crawl. So we fell in just before 12 having not fallen asleep on the very interesting and historic tube and also not taking the young lady who was asleep on Mrs Fay with us. One last pint of Tyskie in the house and off to bed for another very sweaty night sleep with Mrs Fay.

Sunday morning and I went for a nice hours walk around North London on my own and noted some very strange random objects of litter /  fly tipping but some nice green spaces as well. I headed to my London Home and I had a brunch which soaked up the night before ale and it was time to leave dat der London and the tube and train home. A lovely weekend of tourism in London and taking The Pet Shop Boys in. Many thanks to Claire’s aunty who put us up and to the in laws back in Liverpool who looked after our two dogs. Cracking place to dive in and out of London but could I fuck live there.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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