Deep Heat 1990 vs Deep Heat 2016

So a whopping 26 years ago and Deep Heat to me was a various artists compilation series that was launched in March 1989 with the Number 1 album Deep Heat, the brand achieved a successful four-year run and set the footprint for dance music compilations for many years to come. I have just recently purchased the double vinyl Deep Heat 1990 which is a collection of some of the most memorable tracks from 1990 for me (Soup Dragons, KLF, The Family Stand, Chad Jackson, Blue Pearl and FPI Project) it also has a few unmemorable tacks on FAB Feat MC Number 6 and Hi Tek 3 Feat Ya Kid K. Its not far off the soundtrack to the best year of my life. Deep Heat will also have a special place in my heart taking me back to the halcyon year of 1990 when I did not have a care in the fucking world.

So a whopping 3 days ago and it was time for Deep Heat 2016. No not a new collection of this years massive EDM choons, Electronic Dance Music if you ask, no I don’t know why either. But I woke up with what can only be described as a twat of a bad back out of nowhere. I managed to drag myself into work (No work no pay mingebag now) and out come Deep Heat 2016. This time it was the Deep heat spray which is a pain relieving, warming, spray to be used on the skin and in my case on me newly destroyed “Cadburys Snack” No disguising the smell of this as the spray is absorbed, your body’s natural enzymes turn its special blend of ingredients into a powerful painkiller. Well I was hoping so and added to my new found disability I now smelt like an amateur football changing room. Having never suffered from a bad back, well apart from the time when I fractured my spine in a car crash this was a worrying development. Everything you do virtually involves your back and as would would have it an early morning bout of sneezing confirmed this. It was just after I put the spray on I had my Alanis Morrisette isn’t it fucking ironic moment as I was listening to Deep Heat 1990 remembering the days of hair a 32″ waist and living with my mum and dad then suddenly remembering I am nearing 43 and my back has gone. Just 5 months ago I was a marathon running athlete and here I am on the scrap heap. As the day went on surprisingly my back eased and I had no pain by mid afternoon. So yep I decided to play footy (Don’t want to lose my place) and whilst it took me a bit to get going I played OK and it was only Thursday morning when the revenge of the back occurred and I needed another Deep Heat festival (No not like this weekends reminisce festival) but pain relieving, warming, spray. Couldn’t give a shit what I smelt like I needed my Deep Heat fix. After consulting my personal Doctor (The internet) I ended up with what every internet self diagnosis end up being and it was obvious that I had some kind of spinal cancer (I can crack cancer gags due to the amount of cancer experiences I have dealt with via family) I think I might swerve the Prince and Jacko painkillers in favour of a few Desperdos though. Each morning my back is easing a touch and whilst I have had to knock any planned jogs on the head I have still been going for walks so at least I am getting some exercise.

Deep Heat 1990 vs Deep Heat 2016

Been a whilst since I went to a gig and Liverpool’s Louis Berry was playing last weekends Fusion Festival in Liverpool.  Whilst I could have got cheap resident tickets there was no way I was gong to that festival as my daughter would have not let me leave the main stage to catch Louis Berry on the smaller stage. There is a gig of his in Liverpool on Oct 31st and I am frantically trying to get out of any Halloween parties Mrs Fay has lined up to catch Louis. Anyway he has a new single out “Restless” but below is the video for “Nicole” I always like to champion artists from Liverpool a habit started way back in 1987 with The Christians and Black and still going strong nearly 30 years later eeeek !! Do check out the work of Louis Berry. You can thank me later.

I am off for some more Deep Heat 2016 style.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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