Fay’s in The Echo, A Fay announcement and Fay Supermoon.

So quiet on the blog front but the Fay family have been taking over the local media with a couple of appearances in the Liverpool Echo online. There was also a Fay family announcement and a super moon to keep me busy.

First up and Liverpool Echo article number one involving a cunning plan from my kids to get a hamster. Lets just say we now have toffee the hamster and I could not fault my two eldest daughters powerpoint presentation. Anyway the full story is on the Liverpool Echo online http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/in-your-area/perfect-pitch-for-a-hamster-12105556

Cant let the bin lids get the better of me and Liverpool Echo article number two involves my hobby of being an amateur weatherman covered in all its glory in the Liverpool Echo online http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/aigburth-man-provides-city-weather-12172322 The interviewer did want a picture of me but I politely declined as I just couldn’t be bothered getting recognised in town whilst out having a bevy (I would have as even just as on my real account Faymondo73 I have been collared a few times) Its bad enough my mates call me “Fred the weatherman” without the rest of Liverpool getting in on the gag. They say all good things come in three and up next the bare all interview “How I blew all my money on sausages rolls and Desperados” Anyway many thanks to Paige Freshwater for both interviews. Her blog is here  https://theburble.wordpress.com

Not quite making the Liverpool Echo but a much more important piece of news and the announcement from my nephew Adam and his girlfriend Hayley on the announcement that she is “Up the duff” ! The big day being 10th May 2017. As my dad gave me a rare as rocking horse shite day off when Adam was born. I feel it only right that when baby Fay/Roberts (Though if it is a Fay that ensures the Fay name lives on a generation as I have three daughters and could all produce non Fay’s) I should have a day off. So if born early I will have that day off and if born later on I will have the next day off. Please, please be born for the weekend as I am a self employed mingebag who takes very little time off. So with this great announcement comes the title “Great Uncle Neil” I will be only 43 but feel I have the knowledge and wisdom to carry of the title Great Uncle Neil Knobhead. After all who had £45 on Donald Trump to be president at 11/4 (I knew I should have had more)

Fay/Roberts family announcement

Finally earlier on in the week there was a supermoon and I headed up to Holts Field in Aigburth to get a great view but alas some early cloud pissed on my chips as I stood on a muddy field in the dark with my tripod. I did have a plan B in catching the mother of all supermoons and catching Mrs Fay with her pants down (Divorced by chrimbo now ! ) To be honest the moon ended up being only slightly bigger than normal by the time it popped out from behind the clouds. Now regretting saying I would take a picture of Mrs Fay’s batty (Apologies luv, now only in the doghouse) I did catch this unreleased shot of her and the supermoon.

Mrs Fay Supermoon

So back to being divorced by chrimbo my muddied trabs were not in vain as I did get a few decent shots and that taken in the nearby I.M. Marsh. Enjoy and click on pic for a larger version.









Fay x x x x x x x x


Louis Berry live at Leaf.


So August 2015 and a lazy afternoon down Sefton Park for the Liverpool International Music Festival and mid afternoon this cheeky little scouser will an attitude starts giving the bizzies a bit of stick. This caught my attention and there might have been an odd swear word as well which would have the good citizens of Aigburth choking on their quiche’s. Me I am more of a sozzy roll man so this didn’t arse me. Anyway he played some decent choons and that was that. Fast forward to 2016 and I spotted his name (Louis Berry) and thought I recognise that name and it was the cheeky kidda I had watched on the park. I was going down to the event down The Pier Head anyway and he was an added bonus to the evening. I liked what I listened to and thought I would like to see him perform at his own gig. That leads me to Halloween 2016 and a good excuse to get out the mad house that was ours with about 15 kids round for a party and time to bail down to Leaf on Bold Street to see Louis Berry headline his own gig as part of Liverpool Music Week. Any excuse to miss a Halloween party as I haven’t done halloween since about 1989 when all I had was a turnip and with an old birthday candle in it.  I had never been to Leaf before and it was upstairs from the main bit in a smallish sized room but a standing gig which is always better.

Louis Berry

So I will work backwards and the main event there three members of his band came on stage with halloween themed faces to the music from The Godfather. What would happen next. Could it be a coffin appears from the back of the room and crowd surfs over the crowd until it gets to the stage and the lid opens and Mr Berry comes out. Nah not this time but the question on my mind is would Louis be too cool for face paint. The answer was no as he came on stage via a standard method and kicked of the event loud and proud and with his attitude I had noticed in the summer of 2015. Going through the songs I knew “Nicole” “25 Reasons” and “Rebel” the night was going to be as good as I expected and with the added bonus of my newly turned 18 year old nephew James having the honour of buying “Uncle Knobhead” his first pint. There were a few songs I hadn’t heard thrown into the mix and the one that sticks in my mind was “Scotch Mist” In-between one of the songs as the noise temporarily quietened there was a strange comical Scooby Doo style music mysteriously coming from somewhere and luckily the sound man got onto of this and Louis launched into some more great music. With an excellent version of “Lori” which I noted included an extra guitar solo Louis Berry has the ability to get you going with his rock and roll tinged choons but then bring it right down to more mellow stuff and his voice managed both very well. With some good humour between the songs including the noting of some cocaine jaws swinging (Not me honest gov) he knows how to play to and with a crowd. His latest single “Restless” (Video below) was greeted with cheers and an impromptu dance on top of the shoulders of his mate by one member of the crowd who was on the verge of losing his bills and jeans but he cranked up an already electric atmosphere. That song will always remind me of an afternoon drinking session in Iceland as randomly it came on the radio. Funny how music ends up being a memory and I can nail it down to a certain place and time. E.G Jimmy Nail “Aint No Doubt” Scott’s night club underneath the Adelphi 1992 (Don’t ask) By the end the four people on stage reminded me of the band “Kiss” and the concert came to end and the four of us thoroughly enjoyed it and headed out into the halloween night suitably happy and drunk. Looking forward to an album and the next live appearance from Louis Berry a young scouser with attitude and the choons to back it up.

A quick mention for the support act Jalen N’gonda who provided some soulful choons totally different from first up The Mysterines whom sadly I didnt pay that much attention to as I was in a scrummage at the bar. But back to Jalen N’gonda who is American but has found his was to this great city of ours. With a powerful soulful voice I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for live soul music and will deffo be looking out for his name if he plays in Liverpool again. Even bumped into him post gig and we expressed how good we thought we was. So back into the nightmare that was halloween, Town was very busy and my dislike of halloween soon mellowed as I noticed some of the costumes on display ! We ended up in Lago which must be one of the cheapest bars in Liverpool, my round as well ha ha. Final fuzzy memory of falling in just after 1am. Another great night of live music, beers a plenty and the added joy of taking my 18 year old nephew out for a pint. Hope he remembers this as at the moment its only me who has a ticket for Glastonbury and I might have to hang around with him and show him how it is done properly After all you can’t kid a kidda who’s kidded thousands.


Fay x x x x x x x x

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