Fay’s in The Echo, A Fay announcement and Fay Supermoon.

So quiet on the blog front but the Fay family have been taking over the local media with a couple of appearances in the Liverpool Echo online. There was also a Fay family announcement and a super moon to keep me busy.

First up and Liverpool Echo article number one involving a cunning plan from my kids to get a hamster. Lets just say we now have toffee the hamster and I could not fault my two eldest daughters powerpoint presentation. Anyway the full story is on the Liverpool Echo online http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/in-your-area/perfect-pitch-for-a-hamster-12105556

Cant let the bin lids get the better of me and Liverpool Echo article number two involves my hobby of being an amateur weatherman covered in all its glory in the Liverpool Echo online http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/aigburth-man-provides-city-weather-12172322 The interviewer did want a picture of me but I politely declined as I just couldn’t be bothered getting recognised in town whilst out having a bevy (I would have as even just as on my real account Faymondo73 I have been collared a few times) Its bad enough my mates call me “Fred the weatherman” without the rest of Liverpool getting in on the gag. They say all good things come in three and up next the bare all interview “How I blew all my money on sausages rolls and Desperados” Anyway many thanks to Paige Freshwater for both interviews. Her blog is here  https://theburble.wordpress.com

Not quite making the Liverpool Echo but a much more important piece of news and the announcement from my nephew Adam and his girlfriend Hayley on the announcement that she is “Up the duff” ! The big day being 10th May 2017. As my dad gave me a rare as rocking horse shite day off when Adam was born. I feel it only right that when baby Fay/Roberts (Though if it is a Fay that ensures the Fay name lives on a generation as I have three daughters and could all produce non Fay’s) I should have a day off. So if born early I will have that day off and if born later on I will have the next day off. Please, please be born for the weekend as I am a self employed mingebag who takes very little time off. So with this great announcement comes the title “Great Uncle Neil” I will be only 43 but feel I have the knowledge and wisdom to carry of the title Great Uncle Neil Knobhead. After all who had £45 on Donald Trump to be president at 11/4 (I knew I should have had more)

Fay/Roberts family announcement

Finally earlier on in the week there was a supermoon and I headed up to Holts Field in Aigburth to get a great view but alas some early cloud pissed on my chips as I stood on a muddy field in the dark with my tripod. I did have a plan B in catching the mother of all supermoons and catching Mrs Fay with her pants down (Divorced by chrimbo now ! ) To be honest the moon ended up being only slightly bigger than normal by the time it popped out from behind the clouds. Now regretting saying I would take a picture of Mrs Fay’s batty (Apologies luv, now only in the doghouse) I did catch this unreleased shot of her and the supermoon.

Mrs Fay Supermoon

So back to being divorced by chrimbo my muddied trabs were not in vain as I did get a few decent shots and that taken in the nearby I.M. Marsh. Enjoy and click on pic for a larger version.









Fay x x x x x x x x


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