The album I produced “Highway 64” is 30 years old.

Just a quick blog tonight as the idea is to get this 30 year old album back out there for 9pm. So it’s 1987 and a young me decided I was going to take an even younger Ian Wignell under my wing and I was to be a record producer just like the massive 80’s icon Jonathan King errrr better not use that one. So it’s 1987 and a young Ian Wignell sent a letter to the BBC “Dear Jim can you fix it …………..” errrrr better not use that one. So it’s 1987 and one of my best mates (John) younger brother decided to record an album and I ended up producing the album and released it on cassette only on the fledgling Faytape label. Little Ian as he was then known as or in true 1980’s style we had nicknamed him “Spaz” was ready to lay down some tracks. Anyway armed with my cassette recorder we put the tracks down and released the 8 track album. 30 years on I can recall the “In The Admiral” track was a parody of “In The Army” by Status Quo about a shite sunday league football team called The Admiral. “Bin Man” was a track taken from the tales of his dad who was a bin man for Liverpool City Council at the time. You remember those boss ones who took anything for a little dropsy and carried the bins from your house or middle terrace to the truck. Not like these modern ones who move a bin about 2 meters and thats assuming the lid isn’t an inch open and then don’t take it. “Johnny Ein’s Crap At Football” is a tale about how crap Ian’s older brother was at football and I am sure Ian took the title “Mini Ein” at one point. “Cauliflower” was a song about a lad who has curly hair and I can’t remember what all the other songs were about. Maybe Ian might fill us in on the comments section below. Anyways we released a few tracks remixed as singles. I say released we recorded them onto a shitty C-90 cassette tape we had won at Southport fair. Sadly these along with some missing episodes of Dr Who are never to be found again.

Highway 64

The album itself was most probably recorded one night as I stayed over in the Wignell’s house. Ma and Da Wignell would be up the Vale (Aigburth) having a bevy and the three of us would be in the house trying to get the Z X Spectrum to work and I would be a bystander as Ian and John ended up having some cracking fights with one epic fight involving the throwing of darts. Anyway I found the “Highway 64″ tape a few years back and threatened to re-release it on its 30th anniversary and no better day than today which is also Ian’s 40th birthday. Now a football manager himself and a budding poet the big man reaches a birthday milestone. I go to a few gigs a year with Ian and we often reminisce about those cracking days of the 1980’s as children who had a life opposed to my kids who need to get a life and off their i-gadgets. Those belter sunday spreads served up by Jackie. I mean who does not love jam butties, sausages rolls and some artic roll for afters.

Life races past. 30 years since this debut album from Ian. Little Ian ended up being fucking massive Ian and one can only rejoice at the young angelic voice of this 10 year old and who knows with a better agent and a lucky break might have ended up the scouse Aled Jones. So anyway above is ‘Highway 64” for your pleasure.

Ian Wignell

Since announcing the re-release of “Highway 64” the music industry and media is awash with rumours of a much anticipated follow up album. The NME claim to have an exclusive leaked picture of Ian recording the follow up (See above) The Merseymart claim that famed producer Neil Fay is just waiting on the phone call to get going with the project. Meanwhile the Sunday Sport go with the headline “Ian Wignell is The Child Of Hale”

Anyway enough jesting. Have a cracking birthday kidda and don’t stay in The Fullwood all weekend.


Fay x x x x x x x x



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