The moment you realise you are Eddie Large !!

So in the 1980’s when there was fuck all to watch on the TV apart from the 4 channels provided you just had to get on with it and watch something even if it was shite. So on my little black and white portable (how did I ever watch snooker on that ? ) I often banged on Little and Large. For those of you younger than me Little and Large were a British comedy double act comprising straight man Syd Little (Born Cyril Mead in 1942) and comic Eddie Large (Born Edward McGinnis in Glasgow in 1941). For those of you the same age or older did Little and Large have any funny gags ? Anyway we watched it anyway as the best of the bad bunch. Now Eddie can only be described as a bit of a fat bastard though well ahead of the times in sporting a Ket Wig and later on one that was to be permed. Now looking back I would have expected Syd to be nabbed by Operation Yew Tree and Eddie to have burst. As a child he was a portly figure of fun. Fast forward 30 years and I found an old picture of Little and Large. Don’t ask what I was browsing the internet for but I stumbled across the picture below. My memories of Syd seem correct and he does look like Yewtree material. As for Eddie well I looked in the mirror and minus the ket wig it dawned on me that I was indeed the stunt double of Eddie Large. What I need is a Little and Large revival resulting in new found fame and a film being made and I could do some stunts for Eddie and bang a scouse wig on. Sadly though as of last reports in 2010 Eddie Large has not spoken to Syd. A sad demise for the comedy duo who where at the top of the TV comedy game at some point. As for not speaking, maybe Eddie had seen Syd’s internet history ?

Litte and Large

So how did Large get Large and Fay get large ? Well as regular readers of this blog know I am fond of a sausage roll or three and I reckon Eddie liked them as well. But I have noticed sausages rolls are going or trendy and mainstream. I remember years ago when I had a beard and I was called a meff. Then some years later all the hipster twats had beards and I grew the biggest meffiest beard as a backlash to the hipsters. Well I have been eating sausage rolls for years. You know the type from Sayers The Bakers/The Pound Bakery that come with added mouse dropping on for free Mouse Droppings on food It was with shock and horror today whilst in M&S Food it was quite hard to find a normal sausage roll. First up Pork and Chilli then Chicken, Ham, Hock and Mustard sausage rolls and not forgetting Hog Roast sausage rolls Come on now la whats going on ? Standard Pork sausage rolls and tomato sauce only. Some clever arse decided to put red sauce in a sausage roll but again why mess with the beauty of a sausage roll when on its own is perfection ? Hipster sausage rolls. Who would have thought ! I keep telling Mrs Fay that the name “Neil” will return. She laughs at me but just look at beards and sausages rolls.


Sausage Roll Choice

A final few musings from the week and it was World book day was reading my full collection of Razzle magazines from 1983 to date. I am only missing the 1990 Christmas special so if anybody has a copy let us know. But obviously not stuck together !

I spotted a woman with pink hair walking her poodle dogs who also has some pink highlights. I mean why not and if there was some pink dye left over then go for it. Next time I dye my hair blonde (Most probably never now as there is so little left) I could put any spare on the dogs. Though Zuma the youngest dog who is just turning one already has a Dickie David grey streak.

And finally remember chrimbo and all those shite lights people put up. Well its now March and those mint green lights strewn across your bush look no better now than they did in December. Oh and the red ones carefully entwined on your wicker arch at the bottom of your path. Again they look no better than they did in December. Do us a favour and switch them off.

I am in the market for a used or new car. Most probably a new car. How bloody hard is it to just buy a car ? PCP , lease, Hire purchase. Cars make me bored. Having several ways to buy a car is even more boring. Buying a saveaway might be the future. How long before they become trendy again ?


Fay x x x x x x x x


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