My dirty secret revealed

So the other day in a moment of weakness I ventured onto the O2 priority website and looked at some tickets for Phil Collins in Liverpool. Ok Ok I know. Forgive me father for I have sinned. But for a period in the 80’s Phil Collins was fucking massive. Growing up during this time and developing my musical tastes I could not avoid The Collins. I even bought my late mum the “No Jacket Required” vinyl album so some of this music has a real memory for me despite it now being viewed as uncool to like Phil Collins. I can picture being in our family house and planting the vinyl on our newly bought stack system from Littlewoods catalogue. Its such a vivid memory and sadly I only have memories of my parents now. I do admit he did wonder off and release some garbage after he “Peaked” So anyway in my moment of weakness and in my hour of need I clicked on the buy tickets and up popped row 5 tickets against all odds. Su su fucking Sudio. Then I spotted it was £130 a ticket. It was at this point I mouthed “Phil Collins can fuck right off” I think I would pay that kinds of money to see The Beatles or The Clash come back from the dead and perform and whilst Phil Collins has tinkered on the edge of death I certainly want going to give Collins one more night. Anyway lunch time was over and time to go back to work for another day in paradise. Yeah yeah no more Collins puns.

Phil Collins vs George Galloway

More random musings and I have spotted a few people with leaf blowers recently. All these people seem to do is blow the leaves onto the road if close or if the road is not close then just to the left or right of their houses and in front of their neighbours house. Does this mean they then come out the next day armed with a leaf blower and return the leaves in a game of leaf tennis ? I was in Greenbank Park walking the dog and there was a industrial leaf blower (Golf cart with leaf blower attached) who was just blowing the leaves off the path and onto the grass one side and into the lake the other side. So what is the point of the leaf blower ? I am yet to work this out. But considering most of these leaves would have fell around three months ago in November how about we actually employ people to clear the leaves up as they drop thus avoiding them turning to a slippery mulch that have nearly but not quite yet managed to make me go arse over when jogging. Nah austerity even affects leaves.

I was with Mrs Fay in Boots the other day. It was a Friday afternoon and I could not not work due to year end jobs running so we ended up in Boots which was populated by about 90% women and of these 75% were women with babies. So this is what happens after you have had coffee and toast in the morning followed by a bit of This Morning and Loose Women. The secret lives of women is slowly being leaked to me. Anyway Mrs Fay went to buy some eyelashes. I had a quick check and she was sporting a pair of her own that she had grown all by herself and she had eyelashes as well. But she wanted to buy some new ones for £6. Needless to say the Fay family ended up £6 better off that is until next time Mrs Fay goes into Boots and they are two for three so we end up £12 down. Might as well get a job lot and superglue them to my baldy bonce or I could get a hat like Phil Collins

Final musing for this blog and whilst out walking the dog I walked past two “Lids” and the one with the ketwig said to his mate “Did I tell you about the goal I scored” Sadly I didn’t get to hear the description but it made me feel very old. Must be about 30 years since I told anybody about a goal I scored. Oh to just be hanging around the streets with my mates and the topic of conversation was “goals I have scored” Don’t worry lads just a few more years and it will be conversations about “When you have scored” and then you will get married, have kids and be telling you mate about a nil nil bore draw and even in extra time you didn’t score a goal.

Oh we have bought  new car but thats for another blog.


Fay x x x x x x x x

Spot the deliberate mistake ;0)


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