The Golden Child II

6th October 1986 early doors and the birth of Adam John Fay AKA The Golden Child. I had just turned 13 and had became an uncle. The good news was that my dad was that giddy with being a grandparent that he gave me a day off school. Such was the unexpected day off from a slightly disciplinarian dad the shock was that much that I was expecting to tread in some rocking horse shite whilst enjoying this most unexpected day off. The good news did not last too long as golden child came home and I was kicked out of the big bedroom and into the box bedroom.

Fast forward 30 years and whilst on a trip to Iceland (Reykjavik not the shop)  it was announced that Adam and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. The Golden Child II. Time flies by when your a driver of a train, speeding out of Trumpton with a cargo of cocaine (Bonus point if you get the lyric) and we found out that Golden child was to be female some weeks later. It suddenly dawned on me that this would give me the title Great Uncle Neil or Great Uncle Knobhead (I am sure Adam, Lily and James will back this up) I felt as sense of responsibility with this impending title and declared that when Golden Child II was born that I would announce the next day as a bank holiday though I was secretly praying as I am a self employed mingebag that a weekend baby would save me losing a days pay.

Fast forward even more and Hayley was now over a week overdue. The weekend was on the horizon and my wallet was looking a bit thicker. Come last night at 11pm I had a missed call from Adam but alas I was fast asleep at 10.15 after watching Episode 424/692 of Prisoner Cell Block H (Thats another whole blog in the making) So when I woke up just after 7am getting ready to do some overtime in work I was greeted with the lovely news that Golden Child II (As yet unnamed) has been born at around 6pm the night before. The family also requested that there be a social media blackout until informed it is Ok to do so. Modern births eh ! So I had no other option than to email work and request a Fay bank holiday for the named golden child. The dogs were treated to an early morning walk up Sudley Field and with me being a lunchtime and evening dog walker I met a whole new posse of dog walkers to let onto to. The rest of the morning was spent playing Mario Kart bringing back memories of the hours me and Adam used to play on the old SNES Nintendo.

Me and Mrs Fay went for a celebratory lunch down to The Otterspool and it was unlimited salad. Did we look like a pair of salad dodgers ? Well to be fair I have dodged salad all my life and even though I requested a plain hamburger it came out with salad and shite on. How hard it it to make a plan hamburger ? Still waiting on news from the new baby Fay’s parents on a name and social media blackout removal I got on with the rest of the day. Come 18:27 and the news that The Golden Child AKA Baby Fay will now hereby after be known by the name Penny Lilian Jane Fay. Born on 18/05/2017 at 18:20 and weighing in at 7lbs 13 Penny will for a bit keep the Fay name going on for another generation. As I am King Fay I think this makes her 6th in line to the Fay throne (Elizabeth, Charlotte, Holly, Clare (Sister) Adam and then Penny followed by James then Lily) So with the social media blackout ending I can now post this blog and send my many many congratulations to Adam and Hayley and welcome little Penny into the family and breath a sigh of relief that she wasn’t called Maggie (Thatcher)

Like my two eldest girls she gets the name Lilian from my late mum and the Jane is from Hayley’s great nan. Its at nice moments like this that you get a little dig in the side as I think how proud my late mum and dad would have been to be Great Grandparents but the glass is definitely half full, well in fact full with vodka and pure orange which funny enough was a tipple of my mums and she could knock back a few of them. So below is a picture of Penny who already has more hair than me.

So all eyes to festival season and the numerous Glastonbury related blogs that will dominate my blogging sphere. Just a quick mention of two gigs I have been to over the last two weekends. First up an excellent phsycadelia band from Carlisle called “The Lucid Dream” who gave a banging performance downstairs at The Shipping Forecast. Last weekend were the funk and soultastic Smoove & Turrell live downstairs at The Magnet. A might find band and performance and ever managed to grab a few words after with the lead singer of this geordie based band. We made the fatal mistake of falling into one of Liverpools secret speakeasy bars called The Berry & Rye and I fell in about 2am bladdered. Oh well after a birth its a wedding to celebrate tomorrow and good luck to Patrick and Alison on their happy day.

As for Great Uncle Neil its after 8pm and I’m getting tired. Slipper, cardigan and pipe time. Feet up to watch songs of praise and ready to give little Penny some words of wisdom “Vote Labour”


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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