Day 5 Glastonbury 2017

So as ever the delayed day 5 review of Glastonbury after the trip home and general aftermath of arriving home more of which will be in the final review blog and then I promise not to bore you all with tales from Glastonbury again. The good news for you lot is the next festival isn’t […]

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Day 4 Glastonbury 2017.

So I woke up to some fine drizzzle and had the walk of hell to the car to go and pick more ale up and my wellies. Despite the bit of rain the ground was still dry and once back the camp we headed out to The Wood for a nice chill out and get […]

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Day 3 Glastonbury 2017

So (As Freddie points out as the word to start my blogs) the festival finally started. Mrs Fay and the eldest daughter had arrived overnight so it was time to gear down a bit and be a responsible parent. So by the time the Hacienda Classical started at 10:45 I was on my third can […]

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Day 2 Glastonbury 2017 

So Thursday morning and the crushing reality that I am now nearly 44 and not 24 as the excess of the night before hammered home hard. There was only one option and that was to get back on it. So it was a Desperados and Sausage barm for breakfast. I am attempted to get some […]

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Day 1 Glastonbury 2017

So lined up outside the Liverpool Empire the coach finally arrived and I had my golden ticket in my hand. A young lad Michael (22) sat next to me and over the next six hours I bored him with tales from the 051 through to Ibiza. Many of which tales were before the lad was […]

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Live Election Day Blog 2017

Jerry’s Final Thoughts Saturday June 10th 21:00 Good evening and for those who haven’t read my live election blog it starts below at 7am on Thursday June 8th. For those of you who have, thank you and here are Jerry’s Final thoughts. So here we are day two of post election Britain. I have gone […]

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