Election Eve and Greg Knight (Conservative wins my day !! )

So Sunday evening and after making the error of just going for a lie down on my bed at 6pm two and a half hours later I woke up somewhat dazed after such a deep sleep. I had been decorating this weekend and my body must have been rejecting manual labour as I am very much a keyboard typing shandy when it comes to work. The only chance of getting to sleep before 4am after such a massive sleep was to hit the grog and so I step onto that particular slippery slope ! I could hear from the front room the concert for the recent Manchester atrocity. Middle sprog Charlotte (9) was enjoying the gig and I could hear Liam Gallagher (Did you really have to play a new one) I couldn’t resist but poke my head into the front room and ask her what she thought of Liam Gallagher. There was no verbal response but just a facial expression that wasn’t on the positive side. Anyway the concert finished and the BBC continuity announcer might as well have said “And now on BBC after a nice concert to get you over a previous terror attack it’s the 10 o’clock news with Hugh Edwards who will now give you the full on details of the latest attack.

Now we all know opinion polls are not to be relied upon but having limited my friends on Facebook to 100 even with my grade B in maths at GCSE I can work out percentages. Back after the Paris attack it was running at about 20% of my friends who updated their Facebook profile pic with something “Paris” related. I even lost one “friend” because of my constant updates on the precentages. Fast forward to the Manchester atrocity and it was only 6%. Just a short time later after the latest London attack it was 0% but with 1% still on Manchester and strangely enough as I am writing this blog he has updated it from Manchester to a combined Manchester/London frame. I admire his effort. If your gonna do it do it in style. So the polls show that “token” profile picture terrorism updates are losing polling points quicker than Teresa May. Does this mean me are becoming less outraged by events and they are becoming a normal occurrence that we don’t feel the need to update our profile pictures ? Or are we realising its a wank thing to do ? Anyway enough of being Victor Meldrew and in true ironic style I updated my Facebook profile picture to “The choice is yours” in white writing on a black background and my banner to a picture of Jeremy Corbyn. Next up tales of Instagram posts with inspirational quotes such as “How do you make the sausage roll. Push it down the hill”

So as we enter election eve I personally can’t think of an election that will define and shape things to come for many, many a year. On the plus side I now have two dogs to take down to the polling stations for the #dogsatpollingstations hashtag. On the downside the country could be proper fucked by Friday morning. As mentioned I just don’t believe polls. It was only at 10pm at the last election that the exit poll picked up on something the normal polls did not and the indication of the Cameron era (That didn’t last long) on the others side of the pond after the US election poll Donald Trump went out to 8/1 and look what happened there. I am hoping it will be a very long night on Thursday and I eventually go to bed about 5am with at least half a smile on my face and a hung parliament.

As ever I will be blogging live on election day. I know you are all very excited at that prospect. Just some final election musings and we all need to take note of Greg Knight and his original musings of “We want a strong and stable government and not a coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn” it gets better do watch and I was transported back to about 1984 listening to radio City and some of the jingles on the adverts back in the day “Maincrest car and van hire seven double three, three two oh one” Do watch until the end.

So thats it. The polls open in under 12 hours time and decision day is upon us.

You get accountability, with Conservative delivery, make sure this time you get it right, you know Greg Knight talks a load of shite.

As I was watching that video again to get the words of his catchy little number autoplay on youtube came up with another Greg Knight song which I can only assume is called “Hey Greg Knight has been working for you” I was at election breaking point today with all the arguments been had and sides firmly taken I just want the big day now. But with the discovery of the Greg Knight lost tapes I hope to hear this dropped at Glastonbury in a fortnight. Who needs Chic when you have the funk and soul of the genuine campaign song. I hope come Friday Greg is phoning the dole office up though.


Fay x x x x x x x x

Dogs At Polling Stations 2015 below


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