Glastonbury Eve aka “One more sleep until adult Christmas”

So here we are the time of year when my blogs become dominated by one thing. No not elections and referendums but Glastonbury. In kids speak its one more sleep until christmas. In adult talk its Glastonbury Eve or one more sleep until Glastonbury. This will be my 7th Glastonbury. Each one different with highs and lows and tears at time. So as the packing commences (Operation toilet roll and booze) I will run through some of the highs, lows and tears from 2010 to 2016 and post some of my fave pictures from over the years.


Well first up 2010 and with the weather fooling me for many years to come it was a sunbaked festival and no hint of mud (Oh how I was kidded by that) Highlight of that year was the performance from one of my fave bands The Pet Shop Boys. Starting off with “Heart” and jam packed with hits before ending on their anthem “West End Girls” it was a non stop show of fun on the other stage. I even have the BBC coverage saved in my Sky Plus as you can see me with one of the biggest smiles ever seen to man on my grid. Not many things make this grumpy bastard happy.

2013 and possibly the gig of my life. This time at West Holts and it was Nile Rodgers & Chic. I knew a few Chic tunes so was expecting some discotastic fun. What happened blew me away as Rodgers went through many of the songs his magical touch has graced. Too many to list here. Indeed I was having that much fun that normally when by beer is empty I am thinking “Christ where is my next bevy” Not that evening as I was just having too much fun. A version of Bowie’s “Lets Dance” and hit after hit was almost too much to take. What a night and Chic are on lat Sunday afternoon this year so expect a repeat of discotastic fun.

Chemical Brothers x 2 (2011 & 2015) both performances on The Other Stage. Just hazy memories from both but I do know it was brilliant both times (Well I think so)

Finally a small venue located at the top of a giant hill. Its called The Crows Nest and has some secret sets and if things get a bit too much you can just sit outside and look over the whole site as the lights twinkle away. A post 12am heaven. Though last year never made it up there as the conditions were too bad. Highlight from the Crows Nest 2014 and I stumbled over Connan Mockasin who took me musically to places I had not been before. Oh that and a full day on the grog.


2016 the year of the bastard queue to get in and a festival full of mud. It took us about 6 hours to do a 40 min run once we got off the motorway. Things went that slow that I walked to a pub had a pint sat outside and the car still had not caught me up. The mud was crazy and never mind making travel from A to B bad. it was almost impossible to leave A !

Ticket nightmare 2017. Well this year we didnt secure all the tickets we wanted. A good friend Alan missed out on tickets for him and his family. No original sale joy. No resale joy and after weeks of hanging by my MacBook there was no secret sale. Absolutely gutted. He’s fucked off camping to get away from it all and only hope he’s not reading his emails as my blog gets sent to him. Jut to piss him off even more it was actually Alan who got my coach and festival ticket in the original sale. We will all miss you mate.


Two occasions but with the same theme. Songs that reminded me of my mum. Both on the Sunday afternoon legends slot. By Sunday afternoon you can be left open to things and the festival catches up with you in certain lulls. In 2013 Kenny Rogers “Lucille” had my lip quivering as I recalled playing my mums 7″ version of the song back when I was a small child. 2015 and that bastard (I jest) Lionel Ritchie had me going when he sang “Hello” as I again was transported back to the time I bought my mum the 7″ version when away on a school trip at Colomendy (We had a day out in Rhyl)

2016 and this time a group tearful moment. As mentioned it had been a tough festival and early on Sunday (See its always Sunday) Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott covered in a capella “Caravan Of Love” the Housemartins classic. We all looked at each other to see if we had noticed the emotional wrecks we had become. No need to worry as all three of us were reduced to tears.

Pictures (Click for a larger version)


So thats that and as ever I will post a review of each day assuming I am in any fit state to. Each Glastonbury is different and this year the eldest daughter Elizabeth (12) will be coming down. Time to get all my bad behaviour out of the way on Wednesday then ha ha ha. I am looking forward to showing her around the special place of Glastonbury or a place I call my second home. I could have added so many highs and thankfully not many more lows and tears. Lets see what 2017 brings us then eh and keep an eye out for our Tyskie Flag.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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