Day 1 Glastonbury 2017

So lined up outside the Liverpool Empire the coach finally arrived and I had my golden ticket in my hand. A young lad Michael (22) sat next to me and over the next six hours I bored him with tales from the 051 through to Ibiza. Many of which tales were before the lad was even born. I don’t think I bored him too much with the life story of an old washed up Jedi clubbed. We arrived onsite just after 4pm and straight through security with no problem I entered the inferno that was Glastonbury in the 30c plus heat. After a hellish 20 min walk I got to my campsite and set up camp with the help of some nice neighbours. That was just the start of the sweat as when putting up the inner bit of my tent I was fucking melting even more. But base camp was all set up for 6pm happy days.

I ventured out and met some mates who were down on the farm and we headed up to the Glastonbury hill. It’s this Wednesday tradition which hits the spot as when I reach the top of the hill I turn around and look at the stunning site of the whole of Glastonbury twinkling in the fading light and I get the feeling of arriving “home” for my 7th Glastonbury. For the record Scott gave the fireworks 7/10.

The rest of the night is one big blur with many a sit off and bevy. I finally f lol into my tent around 5:30 am and thankfully temperatures had dropped a bit to make things more comfortable. I drifted off for a well earned sleep with a smile on my face knowing that 4 more days of fun were ahead. I do genuinely love this place but it’s still tainted by Alan not getting a ticket it the Tyskie flag is flying high in his memory.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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