Day 2 Glastonbury 2017 

So Thursday morning and the crushing reality that I am now nearly 44 and not 24 as the excess of the night before hammered home hard. There was only one option and that was to get back on it. So it was a Desperados and Sausage barm for breakfast. I am attempted to get some normality in my life by getting the camera out of the lock up and take a chilled walk around the site taking some pictures picking up a cider or two en route.

I ended up meeting my cousin in law for a few pints outside The Avalon Inn pub and then went on to meet my other mates up in the wood. The pain of the night before soon eased off as the ale kicked in. I had to head back to camp for about 6:30 hours to pick up supplies. Feeling a bit tired after the 5:30am finish the night before I had a little lay down. I turned over and it was 09:30 and my “disco” nap was a bit longer than expected. So I groggily headed out armed with cider to attack Glastonbury again.

I finally found the lads up by The Glade and we had a much quieter night heading up to see a 90’s dance music cover band but the tent was rammed and we couldn’t get in so in the end headed hack to my mates camp where the highlight was watching the infamous “Fenton” YouTube video which had us all in tears (you had to be there) falling into my tent about 2:30 I was awoken around 3:30 and Mrs Fay and the eldest daughter Elizabeth had arrived safely.

Already wrecked and the bloody festival hasn’t even started. It’s a marathon not a sprint but it’s certainly been a sprint start this year. I am at about 50% power level and a big effort is required today. I am sure I will get there.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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