Day 3 Glastonbury 2017

So (As Freddie points out as the word to start my blogs) the festival finally started. Mrs Fay and the eldest daughter had arrived overnight so it was time to gear down a bit and be a responsible parent. So by the time the Hacienda Classical started at 10:45 I was on my third can of Desperados. First slight “tears” moment with the final song of their set a perfect version of “You got the love” a few guests in the set included New Orders Peter Hook and some random dancing from Bez. 

Next up to Williams Green and band called Confidence who I had only heard one song from by my instincts were right and a cracking little set from and energetic front two male/female combo.

Avalon next and Hobo Jones and the junk yard dogs with his normal dark humour and skiffle band. Up to see Craig Charles next and a boogie and I then headed to West Holts for Ata Kak. Ghanaian Afro electric funk and the lead singer looking like he was having the time of his life. 

Next up the “This is your life moment” and here is a man you haven’t seen for 27 years and I met an old school friend called Phillip Jefferies. I could write a whole blog on that hour but I won’t. It was lovely to meet him and his wife and he has some old pictures and I will post a bit more on our meeting when I get back.

Time to head back the tent to see the kids were alright and not on the stone circle on the party balloons. Luckily they were not and were having the time of their lives.

Secret set gamble time next and I got a good speck up The Park for The surprise and the gamble paid off as it was Elbow and another tear sneaking out as they played “Lippy Kids” 

Back to Avalon again for The New York Brass band and I was starting to flag a bit but powered on through and I had to go the toilet when I stumbled across a random tent called Sensation with what can only be described as cheesy music and four men and a small boy in power rangers type suits doing crazy things. 

Up the Crows Nest next to meet Mrs Fay and the kids with the kids being amazed at the view from the top of the hill over the entire site. A long walk home via Arcadia and a stop of for a dance with the kids to some dance choons in the Radio 1 tent and it was the end of a perfect day. Possibly the most consistent day of music I have had at Glastonbury and I plough on for Saturday now. Pass me another Desperados then and as young Tom would say “I’m on it like a car bonnet” ??


Fay x x x x x x x x 


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