Day 4 Glastonbury 2017.

So I woke up to some fine drizzzle and had the walk of hell to the car to go and pick more ale up and my wellies. Despite the bit of rain the ground was still dry and once back the camp we headed out to The Wood for a nice chill out and get ready for the day  and Desperados number one. The first casualty of the festival and The Bootleg Beatles bit the dust as we just didn’t have the time to go and see them. There was only one way to get back on track and that was to boogie. Provider of the boogie was the one and only Jools Holland and his band. Fuck me that man can tinckle the ivory. He also had a few surprises with Glen Tifford from Squeeze coming on to perform “Cool for cats” and after him the voice of all voices Ruby Turner finished the set and I think she was in tears after the last song mouthing “Oh my god” well Glastonbury is that type of place.

Time for a mooch and more grog and we headed back to the cinema for “Faith in humanity part 1” For those that know me I won’t bore on about this (again) but it was Jeremy Corbyn delivering a powerful speech. Let’s get this revolution started.

After a bit of Liam Gallagher heading back to the tent it was a very quick turnaround and of to West Holts to see The Avalanches and a moment with my nephew James (18) after a sit off it was back in to get a good spot in West Holts for the finale of the evening and The Jacksons. There was no skirting about the no Michael issue they just went for it. We ended up by a few fellow scousers who’s flag pole had broke and they asked me would I mind if I put there flag on my flag pole. What could I say after they unfurled it to show a Jeremy Corbyn flag.

So post Jacksons magic we headed up to The Crows Nest and the kids were rolling down the hill. Next up “Faith in humanity part 2” (AKA big fuck off faith in humanity) my daughter Elizabeth (12) had lost her phone rolling down the hill. We had a look and couldn’t find it. Getting a signal is a twat here and now in tears despite being told don’t worry by us (she was gutted about all her Glastonbury pictures) but a young man answered the phone and said he was in the Stone Circle. I thought this is a wind up as it’s where all the disco kids go to get off their tits but we headed up there. Cut a long sort short this young man walked down to us with a flashing light and passed my daughter the phone. After several hugs and millions of thank you’s I slipped him £20 and said get yourself a very very very well deserved bevvy.

We walked home via a few random boogie points and I kept hold of Elizabeth’s phone !! So end of day four and another belter day. Just one more effort before home and rehab. I must mention that at random points during the four days I have genuinely been gutted my mate Alan isn’t here. I miss you man.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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