Day 5 Glastonbury 2017

So as ever the delayed day 5 review of Glastonbury after the trip home and general aftermath of arriving home more of which will be in the final review blog and then I promise not to bore you all with tales from Glastonbury again. The good news for you lot is the next festival isn’t until 2019. I woke about 8am on Sunday feeling terrible. The late night on the Glastonbury hill was hitting me hard but the pain of this was eased away remembering that some kind soul of this lovely Glastonbury village we had returned my daughters lost phone the night before. I got the usual toilet duties out of the way but really was feeling the pace. Luckily I managed an extra two hours sleep before the long and tortuous hike down to the car to take some stuff back to ease the final journey on Monday. Any early music choices soon went by the wayside as we had a walk around the site and took in the lovely ambience of the theatre and circus fields with the kids but not before we had stopped on the the beautiful wood area and it was a Desperados and sausage barm for breakfast again.

I decided I could walk no more and left the girls and the kids to set up base camp by the Pyramid stage for the double disco and funk hammer of Barry Gigg and Chic. Luckily the ground was dry and I had a nice chill lying on the ground nearly nodding off I was so done in and dropping the flag but I managed not to. Just outside the safety barrier for Barry Gibb I was pleasantly surprised by his voice and he of course has the hits and had us dancing from his first track “Jive Talking” through to his last track. He even ended up in a gold disco jacket borrowed from a gang of lads who has spotted on somebody’s shoulders. So having been warmed up next was Chic. Time for a quick burst and grab some ale as Mrs Fay headed for a very close spot inside the safety circle with our Tyskie flag an easy thing to aim for. On my return I bumped into the lads who Barry Gibb had nicked a gold sequinned jacket from. I asked if Barry had returned it as he had walked off stage with it on at the end of what I think was “Tradegy” the lads said he had returned it to him and I said its a shame he had not signed it in some way. What a momentum to have but even so they have their bit of Glastonbury folklore to dine off for many years.

2013 West Holts headliners and I was blown away by Nile Rodgers and Chic. Fast forward to 2017 and in the late afternoon sunshine at The Pyramid stage and things were going to be exactly the same. Wether it be from his arsenal of hits he had with Chic or the equally impressive pile of hits he had with other artists you know its the real deal when you just casually say a bit of other stuff now and a medley of some number one hits I have had. Just like 2013 the version of “Let’s dance” by David Bowie had me in ecstatic ruptures and it was the best Sunday afternoon I have had at Glastonbury.

After that afternoon double penetration from Gibb and Rodgers (There is one disco human centipede) I had planned when flagging watching the end of Laura Marling before these two I might need a disco nap but full of energy it was a quick dart to the tent to get some supplies and apply the final face paint design for 2017 and a nice chilled wind down to the festival with Metronomy headlining The John Peel stage. I got up, there handy and the artist on before were London Grammar. It was 10 plus deep outside the tent. Oh shit my perfect end to the festival was in doubt. I politely edged closer to the tent and got to the edge of the tent and had my final cider ready for a mellow Sunday. Once in the tent there was quite a bit of room so I thought time to pop out for one last cider and on the changover I can then get a good speck. It was cunning plan and I got within 10 of the front all ready for Metronomy. As if by fate it was one of the few spots of the festival with a phone signal. I was soon joined by my very old school mate who I had met for the first time in over 25 years the day before and his lovely missus and then my mate Scott managed to find me as well. As Metronomy’s electro beats filled the tent my quiet end to the festival went by the way side and Phil and Scott ploughed me with vodka and rum.

A great way to end the festival but I held my nerve and didn’t join Scott or Phil for any late night shennagins and because of the location of the John Peel tent I didnt have my traditional festival farewell of a burger and chips but ended up dancing in The Blues venue on my own for 20 mins and have a hazy memory of a Chemical Brothers track. I headed back the tent and arrived home before the girls and the kids. We had a last hour outside the tent chatting bollocks and headed to bed at 1am so pushed our wake up time to 7am instead of 6am for that journey home.

Another wonderful Sunday at another wonderful festival. Is it really 2019 (Ticket gods willing) until I will next be down on the farm in a space I can be myself and forget about everything in the world. Guess it is. Ahh well one final blog of the bits I have missed and the general summarisation of the festival and as mentioned at the start I promise not to mention the “G” word again.


Fay x x x x x x x x


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