Glastonbury 2017 – Fay’s Coming Out

So Monday morning 7am and its time to take the tent down and the last long hike down to the car and farewell Glastonbury. Never fun taking the tent down but at least it was dry and all packed up we headed out of the gate for the final time this year and the realisation that it will be 2019 when I next return to the farm. Very slow movement getting out of the car park but after about 40 mins we were on the road and no other hitches on the way home. This time I managed to get my £600 worth of camera gear safety into the car unlike last year READ HERE FOR 2016 CAMERA TALE With a stop off and a quick change over for Mrs Fay to drive the last hour as I was feeling the pace and better to be safe than sorry when driving tired we made it back in Liverpool for 14:30 and back into the urban metropolis and red bricked terrace housing that is Liverpool and Aigburth. First up that lovely first shower when you find out that mud and grass reach unknown crevasses in your body and then that post shower lie down on your own bed and that mmmmmmmm sound.

Having limited signal at Glastonbury it was actually nice to be off the grid but as soon as I was connected back onto the house wifi I became a social media slag. Like a crack addict I was feverishly posting here there and every fucking where on various social media platforms. Sad, very sad indeed and I hope to cure myself in some way before the end of 2017. I was going to have a drink on Monday evening to stop myself falling off a cliff but I was just too tired. The expected gorgeous sleep didn’t materialise and I instead has a restless sleep and some “Trippy’ dreams. Tuesday morning and a last day off before work smacks you firmly on the arse and me and Mrs Fay drove down to Otterspool due a combination of still being knackered and the grey rainy day in Liverpool. As we walked into the cafe “Can you feel it” by The Jacksons was playing. How much of a sign was that. A reminder that just a few days before we were in a farmers field dancing to The Jacksons and in answer to their question “Yes I was still feeling it, feeling knackered” Post breakfast and time to create my Glastonbury 2017 playlist to get me through work on Wednesday and as I listened to “One Day Like This” by Elbow I has a slight tear in my eye recalling the moment it was performed on Friday night and the crushing blow that it was indeed all over and all that was left were the beautiful memories.

My sister had sent me a picture saying I had been spotted on the BBC coverage at Chic. Time to have a look and indeed there I was in full glorious HD in my home designed glitter ball Glastonbury hat getting a groove on and belting out “I’m coming out” (Clip Below) not only am I coming out I am sliding my hand suggestively up and down the flag pole ha ha. I had actually ordered a rainbow Adidas badge for my hat but it didn’t arrive in time for Glastonbury. The seller sent his apologies and said he would sent a surprise gift by way of an apology. Picture below and after being called “Gay Fay” from about the age of 6 to 16 it has all come full circle.

So by Tuesday night my guts have given up so Wednesday off work and added to that on Thursday some heavy manflu I have not actually made it back into work yet and that delight is now in store for Monday. So now some extra tales from Glastonbury 2017 and first up the amazing story of what could have been for my 18 year old nephew James. His mate could get him behind the pyramid stage for Barry Gibb but he declined and his other mate took his place. To cut a long story short his replacement mate ended up being one of the random people selected to go on stage for the final song of the Chic performance and possibly got the best selfie of Glastonbury 2017. Tuesday afternoon and the postcard we posted to ourselves from Glastonbury had arrived.

No wonder I was fucked after Glastonbury as on the final Sunday my Garmin watch told me I had walked/danced for 21.56 miles and just under 40,000 steps. For the five days of the festival my mileage was Weds 9.32 miles Thurs 15.74 miles Fri 19.4 miles Sat 20.23 miles. Adding Sunday on and that is a whopping 86.25 miles over the festival period. Add to that gallons of cider and Desperados and a diet of sausages barms for breakfast and crisps for supper its no wonder my body gave up this week.

This years festival was a varying one starting off with the madness of Weds/Thurs meeting some old clubbing mates and then with Mrs Fay and the eldest daughter (Elizabeth 12) landing in the early hours of Friday morning as the festival kicked off for real on Friday so my festival switched into a much more mellow gear. Highlights have to be The Jacksons, Chic, meeting my old mate from school after 27 years, walking up the top of the hill at night and then seeing the look on Elizabeths face as she turned around to look over the whole site and Metronomy. Not many low lights but the walk from the coach and putting the tents up on Wednesday in heat that was the equivalent of being on holiday in Spain and Elizabeth losing her phone on the hill on Saturday but this then turned into a highlight as it was returned.

Other highlights seeing a young lad about 9 crowdsurfing at Barry Gibb. Ruby Turners powerful vocals at Jools Holland going full circle as she had a club hit in Liverpool in 1994 that we used to dance to. The Jeremy Corbyn moment. It’s gonna happen folks and one final big up to the good weather (Makes the world of difference) with just some light drizzle on Saturday morning that actually kept the dust down !!

Go Glastonbury 2017 will go down as one of the best ones. Something my 12 year old daughter will never forget. I am a bit gutted I wasn’t there for her moment when Ed Sheeran came on and she just burst into tears. Don’t worry Elizabeth even your “macho” dad has his tearful Glastonbury moments. A big gap to fill next year but we are already looking to fill it with a family type festival. So thanks to Scott, Moe and their boys. Mrs Fay, Alison, Helen, Elizabeth, Robert, Sasha, James, Lily, Phil and his wife and all the random people I met who helped my Glastonbury experience including the scousers who’s flag pole had broke and asked would they mind if they could put their Jeremy Corbyn flag up with out Tyskie one ? Errrrr only one answer there la (See pic below taken from The Jacksons performance)

And one final big thank you (again) to Alan who got my ticket but didn’t get his own. Forever in your debt and I met him for a pint last night to bore him senseless with tales from ye Glastonbury 2017. Birthday blog next post. Yep entering its 9th year of shite and I leave you with some of my best pics from 2017 (Click on for a larger image)


Fay x x x x x x x x


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