Happy 8th birthday Faymondo’s Blog (Grassendale & Cressington Park)

3rd July 2009 and I post a blog about the future of banking LINK HERE Todays birthday blog is the 542nd instalment of shite and thanks to all those who have read my musings and indeed signed up by email etc. As you can tell my spelling and English isn’t great but after writing a blog I can only ever be arsed giving it the once over and am often blind to the errors posted. Believe it or not I have had some great feedback over my random ramblings and the aim of the blog is to raise a laugh now and again and try not and go off on one too often and get too serious. So the blog gets a refreshing new look today and a ninth kiss is added to the signature as I enter my 9th year in the blogosphere. Once again many thanks for reading and here is post 542 for your pleasure. Its been a busy time since the blog started with numerous trips abroad (Too many to mention) a couple of deaths, a third child for me and Mrs Fay, becoming a great uncle and being the owner of two dogs and finding out about a whole dog related community as opposed the the dogging community for which I am saving that particular hobby until my 50’s. Oh and happy birthday to my eldest dog Benny who is three today. Wishing my eldest dog happy birthday what have I fucking become during the 8 years of this blog ? Well if truth be told I am definitely a more sensitive soul but most probably less tolerant. If it aint happening on whatever level I am not going to waste my precious time with it. Just pull a face to myself and move on. Oh as you might have heard me mention I have found the best place in the world (Glastonbury) and live blogged three general elections and no doubt a fourth will be along sooner rather than later.

From the heights of me being a 35 year old back when I decided to put things into words, yesterday as I hurtle towards the ripe old age of 44 the family were all out so I decided to go out for a very middle aged thing to do and a lovely walk around the streets and promenade of South Liverpool on Sunday. The sunshine was out and the best things in life are free I ended up walking through the lovely Grassendale & Cressington Parks. I say parks they are residential parks. The beauty of this place are most of the houses are individual and beautiful time pieces of when they were built. Grassendale Park is just slightly older than Cressington Park. Both are conservation areas and Cressington was finished by 1851 per sign erected. Despite there being a railway at Cressington there is a notice up that states “This is a private park and access to the station is granted by the trustees and does not constitute a public right of way” Well having mates who lived in the parks when I was in school I have been blagging my way in there for nearly 35 years so had my excuse ready as I walked around the parks and onto the splendid esplanade down by the River Mersey “Sorry la I am looking for the station but I just can’t seem to find it” On a more disappointing note with parks definitely seem to be losing some of its grand old houses and being replaced by modern looking “boxes” Whilst the old houses must be a bastard to heat etc I think there might be something more sinister taking place and on the footprint of one giant stunningly beautiful Victorian or Edwardian house you can bang in two super efficient trendy boxes and still charge a fortune fore them. There will come a time when Grassendale and Cressington park will have no character left and be a space where modern boxes line up next to each other  stripping the parks of the Victorian feel which can be felt when waling down there, especially if you walk down there on a misty winters night and the old style street lights can take you right back. I wish I had the £750,000 pounds to get a house down there. I fancy the first 8 bedroom one. Even the dogs could have there own bedrooms !!



On leaving the splendour of Grassendale and Cressington Park I headed towards Otterspool Prom where thankfully I don’t need any permission from trustees to walk. A final walk up Mersey Road and I needed to pop into the local shop for a drink after my five plus miles walk and I had £1.50 in my pocket for a bottle of diet coke. It was then I spotted the Apple Pay logo. My debut blog was the future of banking and I end up on the birthday blog mentioning the future of payment. I no longer have an excuse to walk past my local shop and think well thankfully I have no money so will resist the temptation of Desperados and numerous packs of KP Transform-A-Snacks. With Apple Pay at the corner shop I walked out a happy man with one of those traditional very environmental unfriendly blue plastic bags rustling away armed with 4 Desperados and munchies. With this devastating news a future birthday blog might be “The future of my waistline” Any way back in work today after a few extra days off with post Glastonbury illnesses and our family holiday is on the horizon so its “Start today” for the holiday diet.

See you in Steve Chippy on Wednesday ha ha ha and again many thanks for reading.


Fay x x x x x x x x x



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