RIP Charles Bradley the screaming eagle of soul

So the final night of Glastonbury 2013 and I decided to see Mumford & Sons over Bobby Womack and yes Bobby Womack then died !! I ended up getting that wasted at Mumford & Sons and it was a good job we had our Tyskie flag as it was holding me up. I was in such a state I just needed a little sit off and chill. I looked around and the field was full of thens of thousands of people. There was no escape from the banjo playing bastards. Oh why oh why did I go and see them ? Anyway I normally head home to the tent on the Sunday night of Glastonbury as it has well and truly had me by then but there was an artist playing the Pussy Parlour at 1am called Charles Bradley. I had heard some of his choons a throw back to soul and James Brown. I had one last effort and queued up to get in only yo get stopped next in. The security said no worries lads (I was with my mate Alan) you will get in just doing a quick count on numbers. We got in and were treated to an astonishing display of passion, soul and love (Even if there was a strange 15 min break mid set) That was it I was hooked on Charles. No not THAT “Charles” Charles the singer.

Now don’t get me wrong he was just a powerful soul voice with a hint of a James Brown tribute act about him but I had never seen anything like this live before an you could not help but be drawn in by the affection he showed all his crowd. His music was a throwback and he was supported by a mighty fine band. The second time I got to see him was at a gig of his own and we travelled to Manchester Academy in a small and intimate venue. He blew my fucking mind. I was a gig knobhead and recorded a small clip from the gig.

The third and final time I got to see “The Screaming Eagle Of Soul” was in 2014 on the West Holt Stage at Glastonbury. Again the performance was spot on and we could feel the love emanating from Charles so much that Alan’s daughter Amy making her Glastonbury debut had a moment an was reduced to tears. I had borrowed a poncho and it was pissing down but the soul and love washed over us.

Sadly I never got to see Charles Bradley perform again. No doubt the documentary Soul Of America will pop up on one of the BBC channels over the coming weeks. Do watch it and you can see what I am on about voice wise and one of the nicest people in the music industry.

Well as for me I am having raising a Desperados and listening to some Charles Bradley vinyl and sending some love and soul out to everybody. Genuinely went awwww when I read the news he had died. He had beaten cancer once but it was not to be a second time around. Take it easy brother and there will only ever be one “Screaming Eagle of Soul”


Fay x x x x x x x x x


Random musings now I am 44 and 5 years on from the day that changed my life forever.

So last week I sat like a nerd watching the Apple announcement of their new phones, watches and whatever other things they make. I am a self confessed Apple nerd from the day I bought my first iPod (Before they went mainstream) How did this little white box hold my entire music collection. This thing is a fucking mazing. A few iPods later and the iPod touch blew my mind. Jesus Christ the iPod now has touch screen controls and a whole lot more. Apple had me by the bollocks. Next up was the iPhone. I even queued up early outside O2 one time to get a release day phone for one of the early versions. Throw in some Apple TV’s a couple of iMacs and a MacBook later and even had a watch but sold it after a bit. Don’t get me wrong the watch was a nice bi of kit but it served no independent purpose at all with you having to have your phone with you. So as you can see I am an Apple slag. So in summary iPhone 8 a bit posher then the seven and as for iPhone X well who in their right mind would spend a grand on a phone. My days of being an Apple slag are over and I will keep my trusty 6S until it dies. Lets face facts if you buy an iPhone 8 your a meff as its not an iPhone X. If you buy an iPhone X  your a plank as its a grand. Touch wood I have never smashed or lost any go my iPhones and I have had them all from iPhone 1 to iPhone 6S. Imagine leaving a grand on the back of a cab coming home pissed. Anyway I have seen the evil things these iPhone are and I turned 44 yesterday and have started a “Digital detox” What the fuck is a “Digital Detox” my thirty four year old self says. Well social media is the work of the devil and I am one of the devils finest worshipers. So first up the deactivation of my Facebook account and the deletion of Whats app on my phone. I only had 100 friends on Facebook and none of my close friends were befriended by me. Yep I miss it, yes its addictive, yes its evil and yes what is the actual point of it. Hello my name is Fay and I am a digital addict. First part done. Lets see where we end up (He ironically types posting a blog out to the world)

Finally got around to watching Trainspotting 2 the other night. I had reservations when it was announced and never got around to watching it at the pictures when it was released. I finally plucked up the courage to watch it and was all ready to rent it in glorious 4k Ultra High Definition and Sky had pulled it so had to watch it in just High Definition (You can take the Apple out of the boy but I will always be a tech whore) It was in general a decent film with a nod to nostalgia. Lets face facts it was why most of us were here. Just one moan (Spoiler Alert) the bit when Renton falls and end up hanging himself was a bit too far fetched for me as the two films and especially the first were built on a core of gritty truth. But thats enough of me being Barry Norman. A decent film and a worthy sequel (I said no more Barry Norman) but it isn’t 1996 and I am not 22 years old in fact I have doubled in age as I reached the grand old age of 44 yesterday. All those Facebook happy birthdays I missed out on eh !! Hello my name is Fay and I am a digital addict.

More terror last week and the UK terror threat level has been raised from 
severe to critical, the highest possible level, meaning an attack 
is “expected imminently”. This was after an attack though. How does that work? Anyway a few days later the terror alert is back down a level. Now if some crank wants to drive a lorry at me whilst I am shopping it doesn’t matter what level, colour or whatever measure of “terror” they want to have I am toast. I suggest we all just get on with things and remain vigilant and don’t let the bastards win.

So as mentioned I was 44 yesterday and it was a bank holiday again as I have never worked on my birthday and never will. I was brought my present in bed from the wife and three daughters and I got to wear the birthday hat that we have had for several years now. Just like my life the better in the hat is ebbing away and is now a slow out of tune happy birthday when pressed. It dawned on me that if I am lucky I might have 25 years left on this planet. I would bite your hand off for 69 its much better than 53. Mid life crisis awaits although I have already had that but not in a sense of buying a convertable car and trading Mrs Fay in for a younger model but 5 years ago on my birthday my dad had been ill and I had been up and down to Blackburn Hospital to see him and decided that for my 39th birthday I would not go in and see him but have a day away from hospitals and spend the day with my family in the house we had only just moved into. I would not see my dad again. September 19th 2012 and I got to the hospital early to see what his condition was. I was met by my sister and I knew straight away. He had died. What I didnt know was the effect that losing my second parent would have on me. I still occasionally think should I have gone up on my birthday to see him. It was the last chance I had but I stand by my decision and know that my auld man would have wanted me to spend my birthday surrounded by loved ones. So fast forward 5 years and it took a long time to get over his death and in retrospect the death of my mum and nan before that. I was only in my 30’s but had been dealt a few shitty cards in life. But you know what shit happens and a lot worse shit than I had to deal with. So every birthday all I wish for is happiness and health.

One of the plusses of being a social media whore is that I can look back on things I have wrote (should that be written) anyway I don’t profess to be a master of the English language and by the time I have constructed a blog I often can’t be arsed proof reading it and if I do its just a skim over and I often miss the errors but it is what it is. Its a bit mad reading the two blogs about the death and funeral of my dad John Fay 12.02.45 to 19.09.12 and John Fay’s funeral and wake

Sometimes the words posted at the time of an event are the rawest and most truthful. Well anyway first blog for some time after the madness that was the three day KLF event. I had thoroughly enjoyable birthday and was spoilt by the ladies in my life Mrs Fay, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Holly.So as mentioned  I missed out on all those birthday messages on Facebook and me in turn liking them back. (What the fuck is all that really about ?) and this evening I will settle down and watch the Liverpool match and have a Desperados in memory of my dad who in turn would say “What type of soft drink is that your drinking and do you  know the rats piss all over the bottle you are swigging out of” I still miss you and always will. I miss asking your words of wisdom on events current and past but onwards we must plough and five years on Liverpool still haven’t won the fucking league though Everton are in the bottom three and are sponsored by a cartoon game on the iPhone. Yes sponsorship on the sleeves dad, yes I know the game has gone to pot.

So whats different from being 24 to 44 ? At 24 I was losing weekends partying hard in clubs. At 44 I am resigned to just eating clubs (Orange ones rule) Digital Detox update and I have binned LinkedIn but still have two twitter accounts, three Instagram accounts and have a blog. Hello my name is Fay and I am a digital addict.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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