The 6 South Liverpool Park Walk

So this morning with my work systems being down for the day it was a bonus day playing FIFA 2018 sat on my fat arse. But then I thought no. It’s dry and the sunshine is out why don’t I do the planned walk I had wanted to do and take my camera with me and the write a blog about it. So off I headed to attempt the 6 Liverpool Park Walk.

So starting of in Aigburth Vale it was up to park one and Sudley Field. A field that is close not only to my house but my heart. From the days in the 1980’s spending endless hours up there playing football and into the early 90’s and it was then the field I discovered Stock Bianco and Merrydown cider and on into the new millennium where I now spend time with my family and a lot of time with my two dogs. It is also home to Sudley House built in 1824 and left to the people of Liverpool by the Holt Family. Its the hidden jewell in Liverpools museums and worth a visit. The field also has one of the most underrated benches in Liverpool with a view over the mersey and over to the hills of Wales on a clear day. The grounds of the house has a Hillsborough Memorial Sun Dial dedicated to the people of Aigburth who lost their lives. Click on any images for a larger version.

Around to the front of the house and just over Mossley Hill Road is Park 2 and Holts Field. I am assuming named after The Holts who left Sudley House. The only time I tend to go on this field is on the rare occasion Liverpool gets snow and no matter what age I am it is up to Holts Field to play “Ski Sunday” With a great view of what people call Mossley Hill church (Its actually St Matthew & St James church) and an even better panoramic view of parts of Liverpool including Woolton and as far as Frodsham on a clear day. All down hill now onto Brodie Avenue and up Booker Avenue to Park 3.

Park three and luckily I have no golf gear on me. Its Calderstones Park a park that reminds me of senior school (I went to Calderstones) and endless games of footy in there during lunch hour and towards the latter end of my school years a good place to bunk off and laze in the sunshine. With a small lake, playground, cafe and Ice Cream shop “Caldies” is a lovely park with a few hidden gems such as the Japanese Gardens and the ancient Allerton Oak which is nearly as old as my mother in law (There goes my Lynx and Socks chrimbo prezzie) The Oak is estimated to be around 1000 years old.  The park was home to a great botanical gardens but met a sad demise during the tough times of 1980’s Liverpool.

So out through the gates and down Melnlove Avenue, along Allerton Road and the next stop is not a park but Penny Lane. Not much needs to be said about this but I could walk down there without giving it a mention. At least the road signs have stopped being robbed.

So just around the corner at the bottom of Penny Lane turning right is Park 4 and Greenbank Park. The Liverpool Corporation “Corpy” bought the land from the Rathbone Family who’s house with blue plaque is currently being renovated. A small but nice park again with lake and small playground. There is also a small walled garden though I swerved this as there were a gang of lads skinning up and I did not want them to think I was the bizzies armed with my posh camera and long zoom lens !

So down Greenbank Lane to Sefton Park but first up a second less well known Liverpool Muscial landmark and Greenbank Drive a song released by my joint favourite band The Christians (Deacon Blue are the other) released as a single in September 1990 Greenbank Drive did not receive the acclaim of Penny Lane but it has a special place I’m my heart. I even tried to have the old cast iron street sign off but we couldn’t do it showing how much of a criminal I was ! Anyway its not been replaced with one of these new poor plastic Liverpool street signs (Blog to come about them one day)

So into Park 5 and the best park in Liverpool and to me the best park in the world and Sefton park. Could do a whole blog on this park and area but just sorted through a few main bits today and it was looking as glorious as ever in the autumn sunshine. Formerly part of The Earl Of Sefton’s Toxteth Park the park was open in 1872 an contains the jewell in the park the Palm House. Luckily despite being in very poor condition when Liverpool fell into decline in the 1980’s this thing of beauty survived and is now fully restored hosting numerous events throughout the year. The Park also contains my most chilled area of Liverpool and The Fairy Glen which is situated underneath the iron bridge. Containing a small waterfall its an oasis of calm and beauty in Liverpool. With numerous lakes and islands (My late dad claims to have been on every island in Sefton Park) we walk in and out of the park and head towards Aigburth Vale.

So down Aigburth Vale under the subway and across Jericho Lane to the sixth and final park Otterspool Park. On the left is The River Jordan which flow into the Mersey and on down through the gates we go. Loads more on this park here and its well worth a read

Again another park with memories of Merrydown Cider for me. it was the place I celebrated Liverpool last winning the league as we all got the 25 bus  home from the match in 1990 after another league title to have a party down the prom and as a 16 year old it was only a matter of time until I was in the pub celebrating a league title………………………..still waiting !!!! The park also has a small tunnel on the right not long before you go under the railway bridge (Built in 1864) before ending up at the end of the walk.

At the end of the walk is the old Otterspool Cafe which was built on the exact same spot the old Otterspool mansion was (Pic below) So the walk was just on 8 miles and can be longer to shorter depending on your detours in each park and took me with some pauses for pictures (Though I do walk fast) around 3 hours. A lovely walk taking in 6 of South Liverpools finest green spaces.


And for those of you who want to know what the inside of the cafe looks like check out my previous blog here.

Exclusive inside the old Otterspool cafe.


Fay x x x x x x x x x



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