Friday night mini music festival

Nothing better than live music and on Friday I created my own minuscule festival. First up and The Arts Village for The Milk. We decided on a late start for us 8pm as it was gonna be a long night. Just about catching the end of the support act I must admit I was a little bit disappointed with the crowd size but it was just the support I suppose and with some ridiculous bar prices maybe everybody was pre-loading in a cheaper venue ? Anyway just before 9pm The Milk came on. I have been trying to catch these guys for a few years now and have not managed it wether it be a gig or possibly a Glastonbury appearance so tonight was a debut for me and I was really looking forward to it. Safe to say The Milk did not disappoint. I stumbled across the band whilst clicking on the old related artists links on Spotify a few years back. Is their music “post modern soul” ? Well I can tell you its bloody brilliant. Highlights of the evening a stunning version of “Deliver Me” flowing seamlessly into “Every Time We Fight” and the winner for the night an astounding version of “My Favourite Worry” which to me starts of as some Otis Redding inspired soul song and builds up into a crescendo of drums and guitar laden sounds of epic proportion. The crowd grew a bit but in relation to the quality of music on offer it wasn’t the best turn out from a Liverpool crowd. Your loss folks as it was just over a power hour from the lads from Essex and I can’t wait to see them again.


So a quick pint in what we call “The Upper Grapes” the lower Grapes being the Mathew Street version and we walked down to The Camp & Furnace for our second gig of the night. Upping the stakes a bit for some soul and funk we were there to see Smoove & Turrell as part of Craig Charles Funk  Soul Club. What I thought was my first encounter of Smoove & Turrell was late last year supporting Soul II Soul and I was blown away by them. Turns out we caught the tale end of one of their sets at Glastonbury 2016. Shows what kind of states I get into at Glastonbury as we only discovered this looking at some pictures we had from Glastonbury 2016 !! I even got to chat to the lead singer outside the gig afterwards and what a lovely fella he was. As is normal practice my music loving mate Alan an father in law Dave were with me on out magical musical Friday and Dave went for a piss before Smoove & Turrell started. He come back saying whilst having  a piss he was “bigging up” Smoove & Turrell to a fella in the bogs and it turned out the fella was the bass player ha ha. i wonder if he thought they were any good ? Anyway Smoove & Turrell did not disappoint with “Beggarman” and ‘I Cant Give You Up” hitting the spot. As ever the crazy keyboard player with his Transalapino clobber on and unusual keyboard playing style draws attention as well as being a mighty fine keyboard player. Anyway he lost his goggle/hood and unknown to him the leader singer had “had it off” and started a song with it on and his cap on top of it for good measure. A comedy moment and the soul and funk continued to flow from these talented Geordie lads. We were truly spoiled with two great gigs in one night.

So just the Craig of the Charles left and we knew we were gonna be treated to some boss choonage and indeed we were. With the two elder statesmen of our trio flagging come 1am it was time to go home and reflect on what is deffo up there with one of the finest musical nights I have had in Liverpool. Indeed my own Friday night mini music festival.

So Saturday and the inevitable post booze fuelled comedown but compared to a mid 1990’s comedown this was a piece of piss. All boozed out from Friday night shenanigans I started on Bacardi and Diet Coke from my optics rack and ended up on vodka and orange. Doubles of course I am no shandy !! Any way I ended up going down a musical route again watching Now 80’s Music TV and the top 25 countdown of the Love Top 25. The OCD in me insists I must see what is number one in any countdown and with unlimited shorts in my optics rack I have ended up having many a quiet night in the house ending up with me sozzled on the couch seeing what is numero uno. This countdown was a bit off the beaten track well if you take Renee and Renato out of it. Surely George Micheal “Carless Whisper” was gonna be number one. I had encouraged Mrs Fay to have a gin or several and with matchsticks in her eyes when “Careless Whisper” came on as number one I could shuffle across the couch and initiate a fake yawn and stretch my arm out behind her and make my move. Well fuck me number one was “All Of My Heart” by ABC a song I have never heard before. Mrs Fay legged it up to bed and I was left nailing another double vodka and instead seducing a pack of Tesco’s finest own onion rings.

A fine end to a great musical weekend. Next gig Chic in Liverpool. It wont match the x 2 Glastonbury performances I have witnessed but by god it will be great…………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Freak Out !!!!!


Fay x x x x x x x x x



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