Ricky Ross Live at The Capstone.

So Friday evening and another gig this time Ricky Ross at The Capstone Theatre. With Mrs Fay on her chrimbo night out. It was a night out with her best mate and my old friend (Less of the old I hear her say) Helen. We grabbed a cosy table to ourselves in Sakara to set the Aigburth tongues wagging and we got the train into town and a pint in the very busy Ma Edgerton’s. We then headed up London Road to grab a drink. Where have all the pubs on London Road gone ? A bit like Park Road in Liverpool 8 there was a time when it could have been a struggle to drink your way down London Road but sadly not much left in the way of boozers. Anyway we found a boozer apposite the Royal Hospital and finally made it to the venue. We had been given a tip off about the bar in there and luckily we were the last to get served before the performance started. Mrs Fay turned up just on time and having been out from 2pm she wasn’t too bevvied. So we sat down on our front row seats and it was a lovely intimate venue anyway but the front row seats made it feel like we were watching Ricky in our living room. Armed just with a piano (And a guitar later on) Ricky started with the opening track “I thought I saw You” from his latest album Short Stories Volume I. For Deacon Blue fans there were a few from their back catalogue including a very atmospheric version of “He Looks Like Spencer Tracy” Overall Ricky played 20 songs and is now onto his 7th solo release to add to his one McIntoshRoss album and 9 Deacon Blue albums. Having first got into Deacon Blue in early 1988 after listening to an interview with them on a young Tony Snell’s programme on Radio City (The golden era of local radio) Its a toss up between Ricky/Deacon Blue and The Christians/Henry Priestman for the band I have seen most in my life. It can’t be far off 20 gigs each from both bands. Tonight was as far away as you can get from the last Deacon Blue gig at Edinburgh Castle. (Edinburgh Blog Here) The set included the sing along with “The Germans Are Out Today” which after a brief chat on Twitter today is a song that represents a big bit of his life, his dad and growing up. From Ricky’s first solo album released in 1984 I have heard the song performed several times over the years and a version is included on his new album and The Liverpool Capstone Theatre choir did not let Ricky down with the singing.

Time flies when your having fun and the 20 songs flew past at it was sadly over. Sadly my fave Deacon Blue song “Town To Be Blamed” did not make the set list. A song that takes me right back to 1988. I can even see the image of me on my racer bike speeding around Aigburth delivering The Liverpool Echo. Music does that to me taking me back to a specific moment and brings up such a vivid image of a time in my life. 1988 aged just 13 the same age as my eldest daughter is now. My mum and dad still alive living in my childhood house in Mossley Hill Road without a fucking care in the world. So innocent, the only worry was not to tread on one of my Subbuteo figures and all my family in tact oblivious to the fact that one day these people I cherished so much would no longer be there. To be honest if “Town To Be Blamed” was played I most probably would have been reduced to tears but letting out a cough, telling myself to man up and sneakily wiping away any tear. But thats enough of the sadness this was a gig to behold. Ricky has always had great interaction with the crowd and is indeed a great storyteller and connect with his audience so well. Coming up to his 60th birthday he really does get better with age. So with the gig over there was a queue to meet and greet after the gig so me and the girls queued up. The girls told him some stories one being the time after the Raintown gig at La Scala in kings Cross some how we accidentally blagged into the after party which had free ale and go to meet the band and then how I was all set for Deacon Blue next Saturday with babysitters in place and Helen coming with us again having sorted time off work and then earlier on this week the penny dropped and it was December 8th 2018 !!!! At just 44 I am a bit too young to be having “Senior moments” But we had a quick chat and even after a few bevies I am normally reserved and down to pictures but I couldn’t resist and had a picture with Ricky. Obviously Ricky was unaware that he had joined an exclusive club of people I have pictures with. The club had only one member before that. The man being Liverpool’s Jan Molby. My fave ever Liverpool player and I too now just stand in midfield when playing five a side footy plating sublime passes without breaking sweat. Sadly I don’t possess any musical skills but I reckon I could dance like Bez !

So we headed off into the December Liverpool night which was still better weather than Edinburgh in July !! Mrs Fay was feeling the pace but sadly due to a sore throat rather than being on the ale since 2pm (Well that was her story) but a few shots sorted her out and armed with a takeaway we fell in just after 2am. An excellent gig and hopefully not the last of the year in a lovely intimate venue and by some strange twist of fate my middle daughter (Charlotte 10) is performing on the same stage tonight as part of The Sudley School choir and Allerton Brass Band. Who would of thought the listings would be Friday 1st December Ricky Ross Saturday 2nd December Charlotte Fay and her Choir. OK I bigged up the name a but but you get my point. (Set list pic from @rickyaross on Twitter)


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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