Snowmageddon Ho Ho Ho !

So being well know plazzy weatherman @liverpoolweath on Twitter way back on 29th November I posted that there was a possible battle between cold and warm air and there could well be snow. No Liverpool Echo style headlines such as “Killer Arts Blast to hit Liverpool” just a little mention. Fast forward to December 2nd and more hints of snow for Thursday/Friday just gone. Anyway as it happens that wasn’t the big event and come the 5th December some Met Office Yellow warnings were issued for Liverpool for most of the weekend. things took a turn for the better for snow lovers as an Amber alert was issued for the Sunday. After missing out on Friday’s snow which had the sum total of less snow than what was snorted in Concert Square that evening there was a possibility the Merseyside Derby could be in danger.  This got a reply of “Shut the fuck up” from somebody on Twitter ! Saturday morning provided the first hint that snowmageddon might not arrive in Liverpool as the amber alert was shifted more south. So 7pm last night just as The Liverpool Echo posted “Merseyside braced for 14 hours of heavy snow”  I posted “Update and the snow event for tomorrow show signs it could move south meaning any disruption to the derby will be minimal” As a self confessed snow lover I was a bit gutted at the weathers late change of heart. but I still had a bit of hope as I know the fickle nature of snow in Liverpool” I admit when turning over in the night I had a sneaky look outs for snow and none arrived. Even ended up being awake just after 7am expecting a winter wonderland but all that was there was the grey tarmacked streets of Liverpool. A quick check online and indeed as expected the snow had taken a dive southwards and I was left with disappointment. Disappointment not felt since I had two Swedish girls to take home when I were a lad and I popped the toilet and they had gone. To be fair there is more chance of snowmageddon in Liverpool than me taking two Swedish girls back home. The odd usual troll on Twitter saying my forecast was wrong (Read my bio “blagging to be a weatherman “) even though I was right and some people thinking the lack of snow was actually my fault. As I was up early expecting to take the kids sledging but the only sledging going on was in my mind with memories of sledging in Cream around 1994. Indeed I has to cancel the first @Liverpoolweath Ski Sunday event up Holts Field due to lack of snow (Pic below) and my sledge was stuck in the mud at the top of Holts Field. Anyway the derby went ahead without the need of the orange “Tango” footy that so many people of my age have fond memories of and we did get some snow in the day but not what some of us wanted. A scouse winter wonderland though to be honest of the match was called off and the city ground to a halt I think the offices of The Liverpool Echo might have exploded in headline glee. As it was it was back to some crusade on taxi drivers.

So I went for a pre derby walk in Sefton Park in full winter gear and hat. I might have looked like a tit but I was warm. I stopped off at Bargain Booze on the way home and carried a crate of Corona up to ours well you never know when you will be snowed in and I had a canny resemblance to a strongman and looked like a scouse Geoff Capes. The booze was stocked in the fridge and Mrs Fay came in an unveiled the Fay Chrimbo tree 2017.

Now I am not the biggest fan of chrimbo and I wouldn’t have a tree but I try and get into it for the kids. All of a sudden the best seat in the house for the footy (Including new reclining chair) was now blocked off by our chrimbo tree. Because the tree had been cut from its netting it looked like it was growing as the branches sprang back into place. “Don’t you just love the smell of pine” said Mrs Fay I just shook my head. I mean if the smell of pine was that great all houses would smell of pine all year around. I can say the same for chrimbo dinner. People say “Its the best meal of the year” can’t be that good or you would have it every week ?? Anyway the tree was decanted to the hall for the duration of the footy and as I carried the tree back into the living room to let Mrs Fay and the kids decorate it I picked my beer up and left to compose this bollocks I noticed Mrs Fay with a saw. Either she was pruning the tree back or I am not gonna write another blog after this one ?

So with the disappointment of snowmageddon I leave you with some pretty snow pics taken by me in December 2010. Yes people of Twitter I am not a real weatherman. I am also not in charge of if it actually snows or not. Until next time snowmantics. See ya.


Fay x x x x x x x x x



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